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An issue that must be addressed

Imperial Great Britain
20-04-2005, 18:29
Those who support resolution number 12, entitled 'gay rights' often think of people who oppose its measure as homophobic bigots. This is just not the case. What is at stake here, is more than the rights of gays , it's the soverignty of all our own nations. Should we pass a resolution that states that we no longer have the right to our own beliefs? It's absurd of course and this is why my nation and indeed my region are against resolution number 12 and so we have proposed a repeal. If nations want to allow gay marriage in their own countries and regions then that should be a job for their regional or national governments, not the UN. Please, inform your regional delegates of my proposal to repeal gay rights and help us all, whether you're a Liberal, a conservative or Socialist, regain our sovereignty and give the power back to our own people.
20-04-2005, 18:38
This is your third new thread on this same old subject, and I've already closed one of them and told you not to start new ones. Use your existing topic, and quit spamming the UN with the same thing over and over again.

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