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Discrimination Accord Resolution.

11-04-2005, 16:05
Haven't seen a post on this. I'd like thoughts on the res currently at vote.
Kamilevna is tentatively voting FOR. However, if a nation makes a good argument against, I could change the vote. The initiative is welcomed and well-drafted but this one point seems misguided and it's a problem:

"...MANDATING member nations create or allow large-scale education programs of ethnic, racial, and cultural diversity..."

In general, this sounds good. However, on a case by case basis this might lead already tolerant nations to suffer a shift in resources toward academic and public awareness programs that would only create divisive and unjustified identity politics. Additionally, those limited resources would be lost to worthwhile policies favoring poverty reduction, infrastructure, etc. In terms of national welfare priorities, this might also be a problem even for intolerant societies in need of such programs because they could be facing more urgent issues.
Tiamat Taveril
11-04-2005, 18:02
The topic is here:

I advise you to read the first six pages to see if it has been covered. Just look for anything that might be related and ignore the rest. This advice is to protect you from annoying the other members and, while consuming some time, to allow you to see everything that has been said on the issue so that, if you think you have a point even with what has been said, you can go into the arguement prepared with what people have already said.