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Please support the Prison Reform Bill

18-01-2005, 00:43
Dear Friends,

So far, there are only 17 approvals registered for the Prison Reform Bill on the floor at the moment. I will post below a copy of the bill. If you like it, I urge you to support it by registering your approval. I can't do this without you:

ACCEPTS the rights of all nations to hold prisoners in captivity.
ALSO ACCEPTS the rights of all nations to indeed not have a prison system at all.

DEFINES a political prisoner as a person who acts against the governing party in a non-violent manner, and/or a person who is imprisoned to prevent them from voicing views against the governing party.
PROCLAIMS no nation has the right to hold political prisoners.

RECOGNISES the right of any nation to enforce the death penalty as a means of sentence.

REQUESTS that nations to provide prisoners with at least 2 meals a day, a bed and a sanitation facility, including a shower and a toilet.
FURTHER RECOMMENDS that nations respect the beliefs of individuals in prison, giving them the right to worship appropriately.

ENFORCES a law stating that all prisoners must spend at least 25% of their sentence in rehabilitation.
URGES nations to have prisoners in rehabilitation for 50% of their sentence.

INVITES all members of the UN to join a prison reform committee to keep track of the state of UN member prisons.
URGES all nations to set up prison reform committees inside their own nation.

The following are recommendations and are not enforced by the bill:
URGES nations to allow their prisoners outside once a day for 1 hour minimum.
FURTHER REQUESTS that prisoners be able to see their families at least once every three days.
FURTHER URGES the nation has to respect the belief of individual in terms of what they eat i.e. vegetarians and vegans.

Thank you,
18-01-2005, 00:47
1. many countries in NSUN don't have prisons.

ii) "political prisoner" is a loaded and useless definition.

c) I will NOT allow inmates of the satanist cannibals to practice their religion on other inmates.