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Draft Proposal - The Dolphin Safe Tuna Act

Nihilistic Robots
07-12-2004, 19:58
(OOC: is not a joke proposal, really. just a catchy name :p)

The Dolphin Safe Tuna Act
A proposal to regulate industry for the protection of global ecology
Category: Environment
Industry Affected: Ocean Harvest Industry
Proposed by: Nihilistic Robots

GUIDED BY the findings that most ocean harvests result in needless non-target species,
FIRMLY COMMITTED TO the protection of the ocean environment and minimization of unnecessary damage from human industry.

From the beginnings of human civilization, the ocean has provided people with bountiful food and other resources. There has been an imbedded belief that its resources are unlimited and that human activity will barely affect its ability to replenish itself, which was true for most of human history. With the advent of industralization, plastics and other modern technologies, this has quickly become a myth. Large-scale fishing and ocean bed-trawling industries have regularly used methods such as driftnets and trawlers to maximize catches of their targeted species, such as tuna, sardines, shrimps and other commercial catches. With these target species catches, non target species, such as sharks, sea birds, sea turtles and cetaceans, are also caught and trapped within driftnets. These creatures, consisting of sea turtles and dolphins among others are unable to escape and die shortly due to drowning. Bear in mind, these creatures have no commercial value and usually dumped overboard by fishboats collecting the nets. Such a wasteful and inefficienct use of natural resources must be put to a hold. With this in mind, the following have been proposed

1. That an international guideline for the proper harvest of ocean resources be established.
2. That these guidelines include, whether in a country's own soveriegn waters or international waters, maximum acceptable non-target species catch limits, proper disposal of nets and acceptable harvesting methods, techniques, and tools.
3. That all UN nations create a national regulatory board to ensure the proper adherence to the above mentioned guildlines.
4. That along with these guidelines, the UN will create a Sustainable Ocean Harvest Authority(SOHA), which would supervise the regulation and, if necessary, lobby for imposing of fines for negligent companies based in a country's sovereign territory.

(OOC:my first draft proposal. Yes, you heard me. A noob proposal. :eek:mistakes? so sue me. :rolleyes: j/k appreciate ANY comments, flames, and/or death threats.
I've seen the UN resolution by tree-huggers :D, and wondered why nobody bothers with 70%(? is it?) of our RP planet.
07-12-2004, 20:04
Category: Environment
Industry Affected: Ocean Harvest Industry
Proposed by: Nihilistic Robots
No such industry as Ocean Harvest Industry that you can make a proposal about. Your choices are Automobile Manufacturing, Woodchipping, Uranium Mining, or All Businesses.

Sorry, that's what the game rules allow.
Nihilistic Robots
08-12-2004, 06:12
so can this proposal still be valid, i.e. redrafted?

this youngin has lots to learn. thanks for the input. :D
Dresophila Prime
08-12-2004, 06:40
Check out the stickies if you have not yet done so.

I am curious as to how this will protect the dolphins and turtles though...all it talks about is regulations and other things that you basically pass off to a nonexistent committee...If this is a law it should enclude the new regulations that are being established and the laws, penalties, don't need an openning argument like the one you have.
Nihilistic Robots
08-12-2004, 17:42
Thanks for the feedback.

I have read...(make that) skimmed through the stickies. A seemingly good idea usually has to get its way, or else. :) I have considered your comments, and really have to agree on some points.

I did not state to enact a law that states what methods of harvest are to be banned and what will take their place.

I put most ideas under an umbrella of guidelines for reasons. Sustainable development is not an exact solid science, at least for now. Majority of ecologists agree that there should be sustainable development, but do not on the degree of restrictions. One person's sustainable development quotas is another's eco-rape. Also, populations of fishes vary across regions, putting an absolute unchanging quota on catches can be very inefficient on some circumstances and very disastrous on others. Then, there's the easy task of assigning UN members' fishing rights in international waters.

I'd like to say that I know everything there is to know about tuna fishing. But I also like to say that I can fly and have a shotgun-toting mushroom as a superhero sidekick. But I am working on the many little factoids and figures. I am revising as of now. Any help would be grand, I'll put you in fine print in the finished proposal. :D

Funny what ideas appear when you browse through the fridge.
08-12-2004, 17:50
Go read (don't skim) the forum topic on Banning Whaling ( to see what sort of objections people are going to raise. Craft your proposal based on actual objections instead of imagined ones.

Then go back and carefully read (don't skim) at least the first post in each of the UN stickies, especially "Before you make a proposal ...". If you don't find a correct category to post this, everything else is pointless. That is the single most important choice you will make.
Nihilistic Robots
08-12-2004, 18:28
If you don't find a correct category to post this, everything else is pointless. That is the single most important choice you will make.

I will tattoo this on my back, so I won't forget. :)