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Hooray For Stem Cell Research

03-12-2004, 01:58
I would like to extend the thanks of thomsland to all who voted for the stem cell research bill to be allowed. to those who were against i say serves you right for being short sighted!

as a scientist prior to revealing myself as a deity and ruler, i know what this means!

Our economy is booming because of wonderful people in highpowered jobs with blod pressure higher than a hippy at woodstock! :mad: but now, we can grow them genetically identical hearts and give them replacement cardiovascular systes every 10 years. who knows, we might cure aging and make our est stock brokers immortal! it will soon be part of the medical schemes!!

when we eventually find ways to make all the children of criminals genetically sterile, it will make the newly proposed slightly inhumane but necesary bill passing through thomslands parliament, to give the police powers to shoot to kill at all criminals without trial, irrelevant! :mp5:

Thank you UN, this bill persuaded Tomsland to join!

remember to come a hunting! keep the fatmess endangered! :sniper:


King Thomstable

"in me they trust, or in someone else but they dont live to long!"