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Stem Cell Research (Persuasive)

30-11-2004, 03:39
I'm sorry Nykibo but I wanted to make another one due the fact that some people are just not understanding how important Stem Cell Research is.

Stem Cell Research: Why wouldn't this be a good solution?
As Nykibo mentioned, Stem Cell research is an amazing new breakthrough in the world of Science and treatment. Stem Cells have the abilility to heal many diseases including Cancer, Parkinsins, and Alzheimers. These 3 diseases alone have the power to tear apart families and wreck lives. Why would anyone want peoples lives to be wrecked by diseases so disasterous? Let's take a look at one thing. Young girls who get pregnant more times than none prove to be terrible mothers. They are incapable of taking care of another life. They find the only solution is to give the baby up. I would much rather see a baby's life go towards saving someone elses than having that child grow up and make all the wrong desicions. The point is, a child's life is affected by the environment the child is put in. I want my fellow members of the UN to think about that. What if your mother or father was dying of Cancer, or was being eaten away by Alzheimers? Could you bear the pain of having your own mother or father forget who you are? I know I would not be able to take it and stem cell research helps both parties out. It saves the child from a life of pain that could easily be waiting ahead, and it can also help families torn apart by horrid diseases. Think twice before voting against Stem Cell research. Thank you. - George Penney (Cortus)[U]
30-11-2004, 04:35
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