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Tell me what you think of my UN Proposal please

29-11-2004, 19:48
Now, we all know that drugs are a huge problem in all of our nations, and know all about the large amounts of drugs that are smuggled past our security forces every year.
Now, my proposal my seem a bit extreme, but I feel that it may be the only way to lower the level of drug related incidents by a large amount, and will also earn the governments a lot more money in taxes.

I am not only proposing to legalize only class C drugs (E.g. Marijuana), but legalizing every single drug available. Around 50% of drug users only take drugs as they feel that it is their way of rebelling against society by doing something that is not smiled apon by the police. Legalizing these drugs would make drugs less appealing, especially to teenagers, as it is not seen as such a rebelious thing to do. I am also proposing making drug dealing from non-government clinics to be illegal and opening clinics which would despense drugs, which would increase the governments revenue.
Obviously, bringing drugs into the country via smuggling would still be illegal, and the distrubition of drugs via the clinics would have to be strictly regulated, perhaps by introducing an ID scheme to each individual drug user which had their finger prints on to display how many drugs they had had, so that they did not have more than they were allowed.
I hope you vote with me on this issue.
Rome West
29-11-2004, 20:02
Could you post the physical proposal please? It looks good but I want to see the actual text.
29-11-2004, 20:02
I havent posted in as of yet, i was just trying to see what other people felt about it
29-11-2004, 20:09
If this is your suggested proposal, it needs to be rewritten into third person. "I", "my", and "me" have no business in something that might become law.

"There are no classes of drugs in Frisbeeteria. What is this Class C you speak of?" (all references need to be based on the NS world, not US or other law).

You should rephrase most of this using the UN stickies as a guideline. I highly recommend Sophista's United Nations Resolution Writing Guide ( At this point, you have an argument, not a proposal.

You've got reasonable arguments. Now work them into something resembling a law, and maybe some folks will support you.