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Why i voted Against "Definition of Marriage"

21-11-2004, 21:25
Why did I voted Against "Definition of Marriage"?

Because we dont need a Res. to Define a word!

if it said that gays have the right to marry, sure, i would vote for it, but no, its defining a word.

the UN is NOT a Dictionary!
Whited Fields
21-11-2004, 21:28
Please keep your comments in one of the 2 other threads on this issue.

The NS moderations staff does not look kindly on multiple threads on the same topic.
21-11-2004, 21:33
There is already a topic dedicated to the proposal and a topic dedicated to arguing about marriage as a whole related to the topic. Please post on those.

And, sadly, I would have used that arguement, but the last proposal changed my mind.
21-11-2004, 21:51