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The current resultion of minority rights

Conservative Cites
19-11-2004, 01:38
Before you cast your vote on this issue I think that there are acouple of things you may want to look over. Although i think this is a good idea there are some down falls. The biggest down fall is that it would allow and grant access of unwanted people into your nation. These people would include terrorists and enemies. Second it would allow these terrorists to engage in politics and make policy that could put the secruity of your country in jeopardy. I at first voted for the issue then came to the conclusion later on that this proposal seems like a great idea but in the long run is not something my country or the great states that represents the U.N should take part in. If you have already voted please reconsider your opinion becuase this is a critical vote that we the world leaders can not pass off!
19-11-2004, 02:08
1) There is already a topic for this. Take it there.
2) Everything in that proposal is already legal in your country if you are a UN member. Try reading the past resolutions instead of joining blindly.
3) Take your time and type slowly. It helps.