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Commonwealth Nations
28-10-2004, 15:54
Her Majesty's Government of The Kingdom of Commonwealth Nation is seeking the help of the United Nation members and observers with regards to the following matter:
''The acquisition of Rule Britannica from the Communist Federation of Mora Tau''

Her Majesty's Government has already acquired the protectorate, but now wishes to sign an Act of Union, which will make Rule Britannica a regional State within The Kingdom of Commonwealth Nations. We have a mandate from the people of Rule Britannica (please see the post titled ''Rule Britannica Status Change'' for evidence. In short, with the signing of the Act of Union, Rule Britannia will only have powers to deal with domestic issues as defence and foreign affairs will be the responsibility of Commonwealth Parliament.
How does Her Majesty's Government ask the United Nations to change the status of Rule Britannia into a region of The Kingdom of Commonwealth Nations?
Her Majesty's Government is grateful for your help.

Her Majesty's Foreign Secretary
The Kingdom of Commonwealth Nations