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"Extension of Abortion Rights"

Moving Heights
17-06-2004, 17:17
Please take a look at the resolution, give feedback and endorse it please :)

"This is a proposal building on the recently passed "Abortion Rights" submitted by Vistadin.

This resolution will limit the conditions of authorised abortion, these conditions include;

i) If the mother was raped, and didn't want to raise a baby in a world where it would have no father and therefor MAY grow up with mental problems due to these disturbances.

ii) A baby would have problems growing up and living life, for example a heart condition and the mother can justify why she is against the birth of the baby in discussion

iii) The baby will grow up with a constant violent or harmful threat, for example, a father totally against the idea of a baby and can be proved to have harmful thoughts against it

The mother will still have 100% of the choice of abortion and cannot be influenced by another person if she and the baby fit into one of these categories. If a reason has not been included, then if the mother can justify the reason for abortion to authorities of the nation of residence, then the baby may also be aborted."

Unfree People
17-06-2004, 21:14
Well, while your last paragraph makes the entire resolution very subjective, it manages to return soverignty to the individual nations, which was what most of the cry was about over the last abortion resolution.

I would be slightly concerned that the proposal attempts to revoke or change a past UN resolution, though I'm not entirely sure.
Moving Heights
18-06-2004, 03:07
Ok, this thread no longer needs to be open. Ive made a crucial error with this one, sorry everyone!