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check out this proposal people!

13-06-2004, 00:03
I submitted the International Labor Rights Act, for consideration. Please read it, below, and encourage your delegates to endorse it as it has until Monday to find the 142 needed supporters. If interested, please find and endorse it. I think it's clear enough and realistic and worth a vote. Thanks a lot!
-People's Republic of Coastland

International Labor Rights Act
Description: Passage of the International Labor Rights Act will:
1) Guarantee the right to collective bargaining within any given industry, public or private.
2) Outlaw the use of state coercion (police tactics, militia, or otherwise) to prevent such organization.
3) Punish such coercion if it should occur, by method of trade restrictions and sanctions against the offending government or company.
4) Create an international governing board to address violations of the act and define specific punishments. The board would also negotiate for international disputes on standards.
5) Allow the board to handle petitions. Petitions can be submitted to opt-out of the provisions of the act only in clear cases where:
-Union organization could be proven to be a direct and immediate threat to the economic stability of a country.
-It could be shown that organization was being carried out merely for political ends rather than economic needs.
-Other petitions would be handled case-by-case, but in the absence of either of the two above conditions, opt-outs would not likely be granted.
6) UN countries are encourage to consider, though by no means be mandated into, preferential trade treatment towards non-UN countries whose standards are similar to those of the ILRA. :!: :!: :!: