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Support the UN Proposal to Ban Female Genital Mutilation

Northern Bongolia
11-06-2004, 15:56
The deadline is tomorrow, and Safalra's proposal on the banning of female genital mutilation still lacks 24 votes to go to the polls. I don't think I need to go on and on about why this resolution should pass - please telegram your UN delegate to ask her/him to support it.

The resolution can be found on page 4 of the Unite Nations Proposals, and its script is as follows:
Female Genital Mutilation
A resolution to improve worldwide human and civil rights.

Category: Human Rights Strength: Strong Proposed by: Safalra
Description: The General Assembly,

Observing that female genital mutilation (hereafter 'FGM') is performed ritually in some cultures,

Alarmed by the long-term effects of FGM, including prolonged pain and increased risk of death during childbirth,

Deeply disturbed that many women are subjected to FGM against their will,

Recognising that when dealing with other cultures, legislation leads to confrontation, whilst education leads to willing change,

1. Condemns the practice of FGM;

2. Calls upon States to fund programmes educating citizens about the dangers of FGM;

3. Urges States to avoid using the alternative phrase 'female circumcision', as this leads to comparison with the safe male circumcision.

Approvals: 117 (Juumanistra, New Cyberia, Emory, Enerica, Utopian Thoughts, Binzer, Neo Bretania, Rubberduckistan, NewfoundCana, Celebrated Seahorse, Lothariana, Coolet, Braaaiiiiins, Mirk, C1ndy, TilburyJ, Taraguy, Freedom For Most, Hidlberg, Grungefuttocks, Chronoss, Turetel, Neologica, DERAJ, Lord Wallace, Hisha, Pope Hope, Moodgies, Mattabooloo, Baudrillard, _Susa_, Morrissette, Ohlone, Mikes Hope, Iasonia, Majesto, His Majesty, Monocia, Highwater Isle, Amarohalla, True-wisdom, Mugalania, Sye, Benfinan, Moodom, White Lotus Eaters, ThatNationOverThere, Cirdan, NewTexas, Bloodmoon-Hyperion, Cogitation, Zapania, Palteau, Jaguarion, Ashoria, Mezzenrach, Kundu, Redwyn, 1 Infinite Loop, Humppala, Concerted Socialists, RightWing Island, Spurland, Orioni, Jackson0226, Nusseburg, Moufflon, Proletarian Continents, Bukanon, Superevie, Shinryoko, Nachoburrito, Covenancy, Rejistania, Mynthon, Brunelian BG advocates, Newton2, Tom Joad, Gaeltach, Quarckonia, Macago, The Island of Freedom, Zyne, Sethanis, Aiurtroshia, Angry Badgers, Made Up Languages, Zanbytium, Edolia, New Hamster, Fantasan, Tumaini, D and Z inc, The Queens Liberation, Comberthe, Alcadi, The Tinks, Collective Nightmares, Llcoolbean, Faction Paradox, Miss, The Bruce, Outlaw Conformity, Shazbotonia, Aille, Naleth, Connersonia, Shal, Markodonia, Darwezil, The Blimp, Tuonela, Flibbleites, DeadKill, Quareat, Free-Jagland, Northern Bongolia)

Status: Lacking Support (requires 24 more approvals)

Voting Ends: Sat Jun 12 2004
Tuesday Heights
11-06-2004, 18:43
I've supported it, but we need to keep the debate in one there, here (

<--- not a mod.
11-06-2004, 19:10
Thank you both very much. I guess I should telegram a mod to lock this thread, but they tend to do it anyway without needing to be asked...
Northern Bongolia
11-06-2004, 19:11
I've supported it, but we need to keep the debate in one there, here (

<--- not a mod.

Whoops, sorry about that.
11-06-2004, 20:27
Say no to FGM! Down with the goreans!

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