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BREAKING NEWS - Nukes spotted near some UN nations

New Bucks Head
09-06-2004, 21:05
Ladies and gentlemen, esteemed leaders. What i am about to tell you is disturbing and I have no doubt that this has something to do with the current UN resolution.

Despite it losing (being discussed in the UN forum), our Secret Service agents have spotted several nuclear weapons being directed towards nations that are in the UN. Keep intelligence soldiers have informed the New Bucks Head government that some of the non-UN members are preparing to launch a deadly attack using FULL nuclear capabilities against the fragile alliance.

The New Bucks Head are currently putting in place heavy defences along our borders and we suggest that fellow UN nations do the same in case the resolution is passed.

....I have just recieved reports that a covert nuclear test has been detonated in the Sea of the Living. According to our sources if that had landed on a country it would've wiped out in excess of 10 million citizens.
09-06-2004, 21:16
As leader of Corneliu, we take this as a strong warning! As such, our defenses are being mobilized and ABM sites are operational. Our "Other weapons" will be going online here soon to better defend ourselves. Thanks for the warning!
09-06-2004, 21:16
Thanks. Maybe this metaphor will be easier to understand for the people that are actually for this proposal. May God help us all if it passes.
General Mike
09-06-2004, 21:18
Thankfully we have the ability to resign if it passes. ;)
09-06-2004, 21:28
The Tekanian Republic is willing to provide defense against any attack upon UN allies. Tekania has set condition DEFCON 3, and has pulled reserves into the existing line. In addition all ICBM's and bombers are being fueled and left on standby. We have also put 12 hunter-killer and 6 ballistic missile subs on patrol in questionable regions. We have also deployed 3 of our 5 experimental Matter/Antimatter ICBM's to undisclosed locations. For further refference, at DEFCON 4, should things escalate futher, the weapons will be armed. If an attack is initiated we will initiate DEFCON 5 and launch all available resources at primary military and industrial targets of aggressor nations....

All details courtesy of H.J. Schutz, CDR(ret.) UN Ambassadore, for The Republic of Tekania's Department of Defense.
"Qui Desiderant Pacem Preparate Bellum"
("Those who desire peace, prepare for war.")
Polish Warriors
10-06-2004, 00:16
*radio crackle* "comrade Ketevski, we have conformation of non U.N. nations preparing for possible nuclear strike. permission to initiate operation eagle talon over *radio crackle* " comrade Busneyenski we have recieved conformation from comrade Stanislavski, operation eagle talon is a go; repeat: operation eagle talon is a go proceed with full retalitory strike initiatives...*radio crackle* Da! comander Ketevski we have recieved conformation as a go repeat we have recieve conformation as a go please proceed with key codes: silo bay doors have commenced opening.... comrade Ketevski please stand by for launch sequence...
10-06-2004, 01:46
Press Release for immediate release

The UN Ambassador from Kazooland has asked for help in defending his country against any rogue country that may launch attacks against Kazooland if the Nuclear Prolifieration Treaty passes.

"Being a newly formed country, we truly are not in a position to defend ourselves without the technology we have and the possibility of deterrence being our only true safety. We are asking that other countries be willing to come to our aid if the Nuclear prolifiration treaty passes. We are willing to trade for this aid that other countries would be willing to offer in whatever we may offer, including, but not limited to, drugs, soda, and books."

At last report, their are several countries that have weapons of mass destruction aimed at several UN countries. Also, at last report, the poliferation treaty was losing.
New Bucks Head
10-06-2004, 02:22
Intelligence inside these non-UN nations have came to me and told me that they will not consider launching any attack should the resolution fail.

Just in case our borders and now fully protected. No body will enter the country from non-UN nations without a thorough search.

Also kazooland, the NBH will be happy to help you defend your nation. Just drop us a telegram. Price? Nothing
10-06-2004, 02:42
The Tekanian Republic has stepped up final stage research and development on the MADD (Matter/Antimatter Deterent and Defense) program. We currently have 3 of the 5 test missiles deployed due to the heightening situation. With the heightened program funding, we will be cutting our implementation plan in half. We are predicting to have more of the experimental warheads deployed, even though the technology has some questions left to it. For the interest of International peace, Tekania will be willing to decrease controls on the technology and provide information as to it's design, implimentation and engineering to other UN powers presently possessing nukes, in the event the ENPA should pass. General information of the technology is as follows. The warheads are slightly larger then their fission-fusion cousins. They come in two types, a tacitcal model, with a yield setting of between 20 and 250 kilo-tons, and a larger strategic model capable of between 10 and 80 Mega-tons. Making it a viable alternative to nuclear weapondry, yet with little radiological impact, but the same to even greater yield ranges then provided in the older fission and fission-fusion technologies. The core material used is particulate, and magnetic-isolated... making the construction materials involved virtually un-effected by any possible future U.N. controls.
"Qui Desiderant Pacem Preparate Bellum"
("Those who desire peace, prepare for war.")
Rishi Land
10-06-2004, 02:53
We are preparing for war. Although we are not UN, we will not take any BS from rogue nations. We have weapons and will use them against any aggressors. UN nations rest assured, although we think you are a bunch of pro abortionist pigs, we will help defend you.

Rishi, Head of the Confederacy of Rishi Land
10-06-2004, 04:13
The Holy Empire of LordaeronII is prepared for war. With increased military spending recently, a groundbreaking technology used to increase a hydrogen bomb's potency is currently in testing.

We shall stand by any nation that voted AGAINST the nuclear resolution should it become necessary.

Now speaking as me:

*Hint hint to nations who voted For! See how dumb your vote is!*
Borg Prime
10-06-2004, 04:14
The nation of Borg Prime is preparing for war because of this threat.We hope not to go to war though.It is only for defense.If we do go to war though,God help us all.
10-06-2004, 06:08
The Confederacy of Kailhan is prepared to join the battle for its neighbors should war be the path those barbaric nations take. If they choose to use nuclear weapons, we will, if neccessary, implement Operation: Ocean of Fire.
The lights are going out in the world, and I fear we will not see them lit again in our lifetime.
Premier Kail of Kailhan.
10-06-2004, 11:24

Well, well, well ...

Looks like we'll end up having an old fashioned, " I NOOKZ U ! " from the U.N. Forum of all places, and directed at almost every-body in existance. Not surprising really, very few people seem to remember "Chernobyl" and ( I think it was called ) "Three Mile Island", these days, "Nagasaki" and "Hiroshima" are even more distant memories, even fewer seem to under-stand the terror and horror and suffering that comes from exposure to radiation.

Feel free to " NOOKZ " what you like, but please keep the attitude in the game rather then reality, and remember that even so many people here are liely to I.G.N.O.R.E you before they are "glassed".

Ah, "glassed" such an elegent word for such an ugly thing.

Might I add, should this possibly be moved to and R.P. forum ? :wink:

- T.R. Kom
Le Repr├ęsentant de Komokom.
Ministre R├ęgional de Substance. (
<- Not A Moderator, Just A Know It All.
" Clowns To The Left of Me ... Jokers To The Right, Here I am ... "
Generation Madness
10-06-2004, 12:01
I will not tolerate such acts of aggression against our peaceful nation. Generation Madness are sending 20,000 inspectors across the East Pacific to try and bring some clarity and perspective to the situation. UN backing for this has been provided by 668 nations all aware that we cannot have the people living in fear. Love and peace my brothers. DISARM! 8)
10-06-2004, 12:02
indeed, our orbital I.G.N.O.R.E cannos should prevent anything untowards.

That and our major productions are uranium mining and arms manufacturing, so you can imagine we have a few nukes to fire back..... :wink:
Nashville T
10-06-2004, 12:40
Thanks. Maybe this metaphor will be easier to understand for the people that are actually for this proposal. May God help us all if it passes.

right... im sorry... I don't quite understand this...

youre saying that if rogue non-UN nations decide to attack with nuclear weapons that we should be able to fire them back?

so that when a bomb hits one nation itll be ok, cos that nations bomb is on the way to hit the first nation, in sheer retaliation?

you mean wiping out two nations is better than one? what? disarming is clearly trying to make an effort to show that all nations can be at peace with one another

however if one nation does take it upon themselves to destroy another, what is there to be done that could stop it?

no-one said you couldn't retain any defence mechanisms, just not have bombs with which you could attack with. did you have anyone in mind that you wanted to attack? because that is the only reason you would want to retain nuclear weapons
10-06-2004, 14:37
If I disarm my nuclear weapons on assurance from the UN that it will make me safer, I have indeed put myself at risk. Even assuming that every nation within the UN is upright, honest, and in full compliance with the resolution as passed, that still leaves roughly 70% of the world that I have no effective defense against.

Missile shields are not foolproof. Intelligence is not foolproof. But the knowledge that your country will be destroyed minutes after mine? That will prevent any but the most insane leaders from launching a first strike nuclear attack. And insane people cannot be deterred in any case.

It is with this in mind that I caution and warn the nations who are currently voting For the disaarmament resolution. We will leave the UN should this come to pass, rather than give up our best defense.

Ghormenghast will never strike first, but our words are backed with NUCLEAR WEAPONS!
10-06-2004, 15:59
10-06-2004, 16:03
The newly formed Empire of which my citizens live in peacefully ask for the help of others if rogue nations launch attacks.

We are a small nation, only having recently started on our defensive systems we would not be able to defend ourselves from attack.

I ask for assistance and that fellow nations come forward to help protect, if the time comes.

The Emperor PhilipBramham.
Armed Masses
10-06-2004, 19:41
They caught Jacckartas! :shock: :shock: :? I told them to give Nukes4U the boot, and to keep their rain forest!! :x
10-06-2004, 19:45
The newly formed Empire of which my citizens live in peacefully ask for the help of others if rogue nations launch attacks.

We are a small nation, only having recently started on our defensive systems we would not be able to defend ourselves from attack.

I ask for assistance and that fellow nations come forward to help protect, if the time comes.

The Emperor PhilipBramham.

The Armed Galatic Empire of Corneliu will help defend you PhilipBramham. Our Missile Defenses are top notch though we cant shoot down all of them, we can shoot down a vast majority of them thus saving your beloved country from total nuclear anniliation!

President Server
Armed Galatic Empire of Corneliu