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What have our children ever done to us?

Ekpyrotic universe
08-06-2004, 10:03
We fight wars to save those that occupy the world of today, not to kill those of tomorrow.
We have no right to effect people that are not born yet and may not be born if we use these weapon of mass destruction.

Due to the recent resolution that will hopefully be passed we in The Jingoistic States of Ekpyrotic Universe have made a dossier from a collection of statements made by the foremost medical minds in our nation.

Quotations from the official statements of learned medical societies support my conclusion that the medical problems resulting from nuclear war would have no solutions, and no conceivable preparations could be of significant value.

From the Ekpyrotic Universe Medical Association report on The Medical Effects of Nuclear War:

"It is difficult to see how more than a small fraction of the initial survivors of a nuclear war in the middle and high latitude regions of the Northern Hemisphere could escape famine and disease during the following years."

"We believe that such a weight of nuclear attack [200 Megatons on the Ekpyrotic coastal islands] would cause the medical services in the country to collapse. The provision of individual medical or nursing attention for victims of a nuclear attack would become remote. At some point it would disappear completely and only the most primitive first aid services might be available from a fellow survivor."

"There is no doubt that the experience of conventional warfare is * irrelevant* [emphasis in original report] to the scene that would confront whatever survivors remained after a major nuclear attack."

"Survivors would be preoccupied exclusively with the search for food and shelter. They would be unlikely to devote attention to the care of the sick and dying."

"We do not doubt that doctors would wish to give help even in the midst of such devastation, nor do we doubt that they would be looked upon by survivors as natural leaders; but their impact on the situation would be minimal."

From the Report of the Board of Trustees of the Ekpyrotic Universe Medical Association:

"Available data reveal that there is no adequate medical response to a nuclear holocaust. In targeted areas, millions would perish outright, including medical and health care personnel. Additional millions would suffer severe injury, including massive burns and exposure to toxic levels of radiation, without benefit of even minimal medical care."

From the Health Policy Committee of the Ekpyrotic Universe College of Physicians:

"These facts argue that medical disaster planning for nuclear war, unlike that for radiation accidents, is futile."

"There is no possible adequate medical response to a situation where hundreds of thousands of people would be injured or ill, most hospitals destroyed, most medical personnel killed, and most medical supplies unavailable."

"The College believes that education is a key to prevention of nuclear war, and endorses increased professional and public education on the medical consequences of nuclear war."

"Finally, the College, in keeping with its stance on the value of prevention in health promotion, urges the Federal Government to continue and emphasize international dialogues on mutual nuclear disarmament."

We may note that the Ekpyrotic Universe College of Physicians is sufficiently concerned to step outside its strictly professional field, and urges the E.U. government to act to reduce the risk of nuclear war. Observation of the nuclear arms race over the last 40 years, and its recent acceleration with preparation for war-fighting "if deterrence fails", show that the governments of the UN are little influenced by thoughtful descriptions of the expected effects of nuclear war, which have been presented by Albert Einstein and many scientists and scientific bodies after him. It may be that popular pressure, by protests and demonstrations like those that have followed recent deployments of new weapons in Europe, as well as a clear stand by the majority of voters in the democratic countries, are more effective ways to influence the super-power governments and reduce the risk of the terrible health catastrophe that has been outlined in this paper. The very presence of enormous numbers of nuclear weapons constitutes a grave risk, even if it is claimed that there is no intention to use them.

As a side note we in The Jingoistic States of Ekpyrotic Universe would like to join a region with nations that have similarly made the acknowledgement that their decisions effect those that aren't with us yet as much as those that are.
Please contact me if you know such a place.
The Black New World
08-06-2004, 11:00
A. They where born and made our lives a living hell.

B. This issue is being debated here

UN representative,
The Black New World
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