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Consider this...

05-06-2004, 18:10
You must BEFORE even considering such a thing ask YOURSELF : "What makes a human?" Humans are in my opinion; thinking, learning, INDEPENDENT beings. NOT vegetables like those on life support and like a fetus. A fetus is not a developed being but an un-ripened fruit. And a patient on life support cannot function mentaly nor phyicaly, and will only prolong the misery of the being and the burden on society.

Then you must consider the potential of the fruit. Abortions happen for a good reason. The fruit is unwanted, so why bring the fruit to bare when no wants it ? It will only result in misery and outcast for the being. The development of a suscessful member of society requires the proper nurturing that only a loving and willing mother can provide. We have abortions, the Spartians had caves. Which do you prefer?

Adoptions DO NOT WORK ! And if they did, we wouldnt have children living in the streets around the world. Keep them from forming by alowing this method of contraception to let only the WANTED to become.

Making it illegal WILL NOT STOP IT. It will only give the goverment the power to prosecute it. And from what we see in the world when society tries to regulate itself; it either become more messy of a deal or will not change the situation. It is harmful to a democracy. In a world of differing views giving the democratic power to regulate such a thing will only result in oppression of a group by the goverment through some kind of powerful manipulation (a large church or org.) or by sheer mob rule.

Yes, I do believe in God. No I am not a Christian, nor am I a Jew. No I am not a Moslem. I am Zoroastrian. A follower of the Message Of Zoroaster (the Gathas). I call God by the name of Ahura Mazda. The essence of God is not to be debated here for now. The essence of my religion is CHOICE. Good vs. Evil. Truth vs. Lies. Freedom vs. Oppression. Sure if everyone was a perfect immortal then we could live in peace and anarchy but no it is not the time. God gives the two choices and only the INDUVIDUAL can choose.

Weither you are religious or not there is always a set morality for that religion. Christians, Jews, and even Moslems have standards and ethics, and if abortion is a sin to one then ONLY MEMBERS of that particular one can be judged in accordance to their standards. For example a Christian (and others) cannot set their standards upon a Jew (and/or the other way around). Like, if a Moslem does not to drink alcohol then thats their thing but for me I will do whatever is in the boundaries of my own ethics. Atheists included.

I SUPPORT ABORTION. And if someone opposes it then fine they DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE ONE. The goal is NOT TO PREVENT SIN but NOT TO LIVE IN SIN.


Thank you and God Bless.
05-06-2004, 21:29
There is already a thread in which to debate this resolution.