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abortion... ban this subject from UN b4 it passes...

04-06-2004, 18:01
that law isnt well made, thats not even a law... we need too rewrite it...

ok... thats my opinion... i know its the woman body, but the children isnt just hers, the father has to judge it too...

also i dont agree with abortion, the children should be allowed to live, they cant pay for their parents!!!

It should be something like this, the mother and the father doesnt want it so look for someone that wants (theres many familys looking for childrens to adopt)... found none than you should start considering abortion!!! (because a children with no parents dont have a chance anyway... its very rarely to see one turn out to be a good citizen)
04-06-2004, 18:38
In a little while, Myrth will post here saying 'there is already a thread in which to debate the current resolution' and then lock this thread...
The Black New World
04-06-2004, 18:53
Until then I have vodka and hot dogs. Who wants one?

UN representative,
The Black New World
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Meet The Reps (
04-06-2004, 19:26
There is already a thread discussing this.