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How to Lobby the Delegate of the EP

1 Infinite Loop
04-06-2004, 06:41
Should you submit a Proposal or have a stand on a resolution you want Myself, or the EP to know of, first off, DO NOT directly Telegram me, as you will recieve this message the first time.

Hello, you recently Telegramed an attempt at lobbying for a UN resolution/proposal, All Lobbying for support for UN Resolutions or Proposals must be submited via The East Pacific Offsite Forum where they will be reviewed by our UN Liason, The Wachovia Coalition.
All requests PMed directly to me will be ignored.

the EP forum is here,

and the proper forum to place your message is here
please add it to the existing topic about the resolution you are addressing or it will get deleted .

should I recieve a second message you will be added to my block list.
Should I recieve multiple messages berfore adding you to my block list, you will be reported to the mods for spamming.

Now the reason I do this is,
I only blindly endorse a proposal submitted by a resident of the EP who is active on our offsite forum,
Secondly our region votes Democratically on how to vote on UN matters, and it is not my opinion you must sway, it is the opinion of our forum actice players.
and lastly I consider direct telegram lobbying to be spam.

a few subjects I will not support for any reason.
:arrow: any attempt to impede or remove a persons right to Keep and Bear arms.

More to be added as I remember them.

Please note I do not do this to impose my will on you I do it to be fair to my constituents.

I thank you for your time.
04-06-2004, 06:59
Although none of this would apply to me, it surprises me that the delegate for such a huge region would take such steps. These steps would certainly cause undue exertion for anyone attempting to conduct a TG campaign, who now have to create a special exemption just for one delegate.

The mantle of acting as the UN delegate for a feeder region is a position that comes with a great deal of responsibility - not just to one's region, but to the entire UN. I am reminded of the old axiom - "if you can't handle the heat, get out of the kitchen".
1 Infinite Loop
04-06-2004, 07:33
Like I said, I do it to be fair to my people, as they get to choose how I vote, and if I were to cicumvent these by following some persons Telegrammed suggestions, then Im no better than a lowly dictator who allows free elevctions so long as everyone knows that if they vote against me they will be executed,

to assume that simply because I am delegate of a Pacific, that I have to listen to every spammer out there is kinda preposterous, as the spammers dont participate in my region and they only come knocking when they want some thing, therefore I place the desires of the EP members over those of other delegates, My people come first.

Common decency forbids me posting a telegram about the upcoming Aboriton issue I recieved, namely what was posted in it.