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Abortion is sexist. Support Male Right to Disown!

Mosaic Oa
03-06-2004, 21:01
Abortion is a sexist practice ignoring the rights of the male. it gives the woman not only the right to her own body and body of an unborn child but the right to violate the body of the man who fathered the child.

This is a travesty!!!

A man should not be forced into parental association and fatherhood against his will. That is why I propose a motion to be drafted that grants all males an equivalent to abortion, the right to disown and disassociation.

A man has a right to his own body and the resources that body can produce through labor (work) for his own survival and livelyhood. Any forced parental duties will effectively steal him of those resources and basically violate his body.

Another thing, If a woman has the right to decide the ultimate fate of an unbord child then she should have the only and ultimate responsibility for that child since bringing into the world is ultimately her decision. And since it is her decision she must take care of it solely.

This act will apply to every child conceived out of wedlock. Any child born out of wedlock will be DNA tested at birth and compared to the genetic profile of possible fathers. The father, if found, will be given 90 days to make a decision from his signature of a document proving his knows of the child's existence. This document will be served and signed in the presence of a court appointed person. After this, his parental duties will be enforced if he does not sign or reply.

If the child is conceived in wedlock but is a result of an adulterous affair the child will be DNA tested at birth and woman's husband will be given a document absolving him of all parental duties if the child is not of her husband. The genetic father will be given 90 days to choose to take parental responsibilities from his signature on a document which he will be served by a court appointed person.