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Not sure if tis is mechanics, but it could be fun.[ POLL ]

03-06-2004, 15:43
I'm pretty new here, and I had this idea. No idea if this is how to propose it, but I figure you vets and mods can help answer this.

How about creating a World Court. Kind of like a Supreme Court that would oversee the United Nations and dtermine whether the resolution passes Constitutional integrity. Now, I know there's now Constitution, but how about the original UN charter along with current ammendments/resolutions?

I really haven't thought out the details for this too much. I'm guessing, and that's all, that it might need a new forum spot of its own, so it wouldn't interfere with the UN posts. Also, it would be "staffed" by say, 10(?) UN members. To make it fair, you could even say moderators, if they wanted to do it. The judges would look at the arguments and rule whether a UN approved resolution withstands the integrity of the current rules and charter, and does not interfere with state soverignty. This court would not be able to retract passed resolutions, such as the projects abortions rights resolution, but it could prevent future resolutions that infringe on state rights from beoming "law." I guess the judges could rotate, but the representative sampling of the judges should encompass a wide sampling of the current UN, with a minority representation.

Like I said, I haven't really thought about it, but if anyone wants to expand on this idea, go for it. Also, is this a game mechanic thing which will interfere with past events, or will it require too much programming for the game to work this way? I dunno. Any thoughts? It might be a cool addition ot the game if one could implement it and make it 'fair.'

What do you guys think?
Tuesday Heights
03-06-2004, 17:53
Something like the ICOJ?
03-06-2004, 18:53
yeah, something pretty similar to that. i don't know to which extent they operate, but something like them.
03-06-2004, 19:14
This would count as a game mechanics proposal and be deleted.
Feel free to propose the idea in Technical though.