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Vote No, here's why:

The Black Czar
02-06-2004, 16:34
the un should not have so much control as to force its member nations to abide by such an all-emcompassing piece of legislation! this is an issue each individual nation should decide for themselves! it is ludicrous to pass this resolution, no matter where your nation stands on the issue!!!
02-06-2004, 16:38
I'm sorry...I'm not a member of the UN and, thus, don't know what the issue is that, were I to join the UN, I'd be voting "no" on.

What exactly is the issue?

*reads over it....hmmmm...*

Sorry, I'd be voting FOR it.
02-06-2004, 17:09
There is already a topic in which to debate the resolution at vote. (
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