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End Arranged Marriages: seeking endorsements

Ice Hockey Players
01-06-2004, 05:00
Presently the proposal resides on page 14. I believe this is a comprehensive proposal that attacks the practice of arranged marriage and the situation of being trapped in a bad marriage in all forms. Let's be honest, fellow UN members - people are living longer these days, and there is no need to stick people into marriages against their will for the entire length of their life. Children are even forced into marriages; who says they can consent to this? The idea of "consenting adults" is thrown around in topics about permissible sex; however, while people often focus on times in which people who are both consenting and adults are denied permission to marry, it is often overlooked that people who are neither consenting nor adults are forced to marry. UN Delegates are asked kindly to endorse this proposal and get it into queue as soon as possible.
01-06-2004, 05:04
Arranged marriages are done entirely in RP, so even if your resolution passed, arranged marriages among UN nations could still happen, and all you would be able to do about it is cry.

UN fools...
Ice Hockey Players
01-06-2004, 05:13
I would think that RP folks would have better things to do than tell people whom to marry. In any case, the UN rules stipulate that resolutions are binding, and even if some RP folks don't play by those rules all the time, some of us do, and it is based on those rules that we pass resolutions. Besides, nations that aren't in the UN can still do as they damn well please; technically, this resolution has just as many loopholes as any other if you think about it.

That doesn't mean you should pass it up, though; if "Fight the Axis of Evil" and "Metric System" are enshrined in the Hall of Passed Resolutions, then this certainly deserves to be.