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UN Voter Turnout

Our Own Laziness
29-05-2004, 17:37
How is it that only 17163 votes were made when the last resolution passed? There are 36550 member nations, so that means more than half of the UN voting body did not bother to choose. Were these nations merely abstaining or did they not care what happened to their nation? I would like to see more nations voting, it would make it harder for a resolution to pass.
East Hackney
29-05-2004, 17:43
Hmm. Obviously it's hard to say for sure without asking every one of those 19,000 abstaining nations... but bear in mind that a lot of players have nations in the UN for the purposes of region-crashing and have little interest in the political side of it.
The Black New World
29-05-2004, 17:47
I was abstaining and I know at least one other in my region didn't. What makes you so sure that the silent members of the UN voted the same way as you? Considering they didn't vote how can you have any idea of their opinions.

UN representative,
The Black New World
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Free Soviets
29-05-2004, 18:15
at any one time there are hundreds - if not thousands - of nations that are just waiting to disappear. based on past votes, i estimate that around a third of the un is always made up of nations that are no longer active.

the remainder is made up of people abstaining for whatever reason (no opinion, don't care, evenly divided regional opinion for delegates in democratic regions, etc) and of people that don't log in frequently enough to vote on every resolution.
29-05-2004, 20:45
Many people just don't care to vote on resolutions, as has been mentioned. It may also be important to note that delegate votes may present a deceiving appearance -- remember that each endorsement a delegate has grants the delegate one additional vote, and that, while certainly not all delegates vote, there are generally a good many delegates voting on each resolution, and therefore the vote totals may not actually represent the number of member nations voting.

I hope that makes sense, anyway. <_<

I'm not sure how much this might throw off the total, from the perspective of trying to determine how many members vote. I think it's safe to say that the process would easily add at least 200-300 votes per resolution.