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Rectify the mistakes of the past...Support Workers' Rights!

28-05-2004, 01:58
The 40 hour work week is a wholly execrable violation of human rights and should be swiftly repealed. It's no wonder it won by a mere simple majority in the closest poll yet known to the Nationstates UN (around only 100 votes, 1/6 of the North Pacific's delegate's total votes).

I urge you all, then, to support my proposal "The Workers' Rights Act." Hopefully this act will restore the UN's good name as an organization that supports human rights. If you, leaders, value your citizens' general happiness it is your duty to them to once again allow them the right to live and work as they please!
28-05-2004, 02:21
Just for your own future reference, it's helpful to the discussion if you post a copy of your proposal here in the forum. That said, here goes:

Link to Proposal:'%20Rights%20Act

The Workers' Rights Act

Category: Human Rights; A resolution to improve worldwide human and civil rights.
Strength: Significant

Proposed by: Levex

Description: The Workers' Rights Act will repeal The 40 Hour Workweek.

Under this bill, no employer may demand of an employee time that said employee did not consent to yield by work contract. A work contract may oblige an emloyee to any terms defined by an employer, under the following conditions:

1) An employee cannot, under any circumstances, consent to grant extralegal authority to his employer.
2) No work contract may contain equivocal language, or otherwise employ a party under ambiguous terms.
3) No contract may allow an employee to consent to demands that could potentially threaten his general health or well-being.
4) No work contract may oblige any person but the consenting party to the demands outlined in it.

Thusly, workers shall heretofore have the freedom to work as long and as hard as they choose (while fulfilling the terms of the work contract), under the condition that overtime work in no way indirectly obliges any other parties to dedicate time and/or effort they did not, by written or oral contract, consent to yield. Any time devoted to an employer outside that which was consented to in the work contract must be fairly compensated for (the definition of the term "fair" being agreed upon by the employer and the employee prior to the time such noncontractual work is to begin). If the terms of the work contract are ever to change, the employee must consent to any changes or forfeit his position (unless an agreement between employer and employee can be reached), at which point the former work contract shall be declared null and void. If an employee chooses to, at any point during his employment, voilate the terms of the work contract, it shall be the employer's legal right to discontinue his contract/employment, or subject him to more appropriate coercion.

All self-employed workers shall not be held to the above terms, for they have implied work contracts with themselves, and no contract should have the power to limit the extent of one's own free will.

The Workers' Rights Act shall be enacted with all deliberate speed, but must be fully in place in all UN nations at the end of two years' time.

Voting Ends: Sun May 30 2004

A proposal which is better written than many which come through the NSUN, but it would appear that you've violated the de facto charter -- proposals to directly repeal or amend past resolutions are unfortunately illegal at this time, as stated in the Before you make a proposal... ( sticky.
28-05-2004, 02:31
Which really stinks. It's really a pretty good proposal and it is much better than the filth that was passed earlier. I would support it but there apparently is no way it can pass.

Dictator LG
28-05-2004, 03:20
Yea, that ought to teach me not to read the stickys...I'll see what I can do to fix the proposal.