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Vaccine Development Act(For UN delegates)

25-05-2004, 07:25
:D I encourage all UN delegates to support my proposal to increase funding in the area of vaccine development. This act would make the citizens of the world feel safer from the threat of bioterrorism. I thank you all for your time, god know you didn't have to read this. Please look up my proposal in the UN. Thank you
Something Down
25-05-2004, 07:47
Good plan, I support you!
25-05-2004, 08:11

Ahem. What I meant to say is that it is generally considered polite to post the text of your proposal to the forum when you seek support for it. Otherwise people will have to go and look it up, which wastes everybody's time, gets them narky and lowers their chances of being sympathetic to you.
Vaccine Development Act

A resolution to improve worldwide human and civil rights.

Category: Human Rights
Strength: Strong
Proposed by: Bowlanthium

Description: This act would require all UN nations to fund a vaccine research program composed of scientists and other healthcare workers and military personnel. Scientists and other personnel of all UN nations will make up this body of people. These experts will study various diseases that plague our world today including the Ebola virus, the hanta virus, the Lassa virus, and of course the growing menace of the HIV virus. A total list of purposes follows

1. To cure and/or prevent common and exotic diseases.

2. To beef up on bioterrorism defense.

3. To increase the general publics feeling of safety from terrorism.

4. To unite the UN nations in a common cause that will definently benifit humanity.

I strongly believe that this act is in the best interests of all nations in the world. I hope that you too will believe so. Thank you all for your time. May you all prosper
25-05-2004, 16:10
TI certainly agree that there is scope for the UN to address the issue of disease prevention; however, there are a number of grammatical and technical errors in this proposal that could do with correcting. I'm not going to specify these as I believe the proposal in its current form is of little use. I would advise the author to be more specific on methods of prevention or at the very least outline how the research programme will operate.

Kind regards

Ursula Kohl
Speaker for Health
25-05-2004, 16:39
Our principal concern is that this would be run as a centralised body with a very vague remit. Such a remit could easily be manipulated by the highest contributors to target principally diseases that are more prevalent in developed nations. The bioterrorism clause particularly worries us - a great many, if not a majority, of NSUN states have no or little bioterrorism (or any terrorism) threat and would be reluctant to fund a body that clearly sets it as a high priority.

Now, please note this from the previous resolution Keep the World Disease-Free:
Furthermore, vaccinations should be made available to the public, although they don't have to be mandatory. Vaccinations against the big diseases such as: Malaria, typhoid, rubella, cholera, polio, et al.

We also refer to the sentiment of Increased Access to Medicine.

These, we feel, stands as a commitment from the UN to make vaccines widely available for all. We therefore are of the opinion that the UN should not fund vaccine research unless it also pledges to produce any vaccines developed available to all nations on a non-profit basis.
26-05-2004, 04:05
I support this proposal
26-05-2004, 18:52
:) Bumpity. And I still support the proposal.
27-05-2004, 16:32
Honorable delegates.
On behalf of the UN member from my home region I implore you to seriously consider supporting this proposal as time is running out.
Thank you.