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End Nuclear Proliferation Act

Free Outer Eugenia
24-05-2004, 08:00
End Nuclear Proliferation Act
A resolution to slash worldwide military spending.

Category: Global Disarmament
Strength: Strong
Proposed by: Free Outer Eugenia


"The doctrine of mutually assured destruction perpetually sets our entire planet on the brink of a worldwide nuclear apocalypse"

- Maxwell Freeborn Pierce,
Anarchy's Regional UN Delegate

We, the assembled Nations of the UN body must do our part to preserve the Earth for future generations. Weapons that utilize deadly and harmful radiation poison the land for many centuries after the conflicts in which; and the very nations by which they had been deployed will have long passed out of human memory.

Be it therefore resolved that all UN member nations immediately cease all production of nuclear weapons including but not limited to: Fission bombs, fusion bombs, neutron bombs, 'dirty bombs' and depleted uranium ammunition.

Be it further resolved that all UN member nations dismantle and safely dispose of all such weapons in their arsenals no later than a decade after the passing of this resolution.

Be it further resolved that full sanctions be imposed against any UN nations that do not immediately cease to conduct trade with; and give military aid to any nation, state, corporation or collective that does not adopt the terms of this resolution. We must not encourage such terrorists and death-dealers by bolstering their economies. These sanctions do not apply to the UN Educational Committee and the International Red Cross Organization.