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40 hours work limit.

23-05-2004, 11:26
Shouldn't people be allowed to chose how long they work for. Whatever happened to civil liberties?
23-05-2004, 16:46
yeah, but you can't tell the commies that, it's like against their religion (joke if you can't tell)
23-05-2004, 16:52
The UN has nobody's best interest in mind when it passes junk like the 40 hour work week. It is an uninformed "feel-good"-type of measure that makes no sense and only hurts nations. How dare the UN tell any country how many hours their citizens may work? It is up to the individual and the country. All this masure will serve is the weakening of thousands of ecenomies throughout the UN. The citizens of a nation and their rulers, know best how to take care of their own (citizens and businesses alike), and do not need the UN implimenting mandatroy communism throughout the World! It's no different than mandating capitalism throughout the World. Get out of the UN while you still have your sovereignty!

The UN is NOT your friend.
23-05-2004, 16:57
Yes...there was hope some hours ago that the resolution could be defeated, but these commies, of course, used their evil information methods, their press power, and because they are all so fanatical now this resolution will usual. :roll:

Damn these communist wackos!!!
23-05-2004, 17:01
Then we all should stoop to the same measures. If this does pass, then our Emperor's sovereignty is at stake, as is the ruling class (or whoever is in charge) of every nation. Capitalism, in its purest form, must be allowed to surive.

We, however, do know some communists who are against this measure. They actually feel that it violates their civil liberties to work longer than they wish. Maybe this will help deter 'pro' votes for the resolution.

Thana Eiamchamroonlarp, Secretary of Foreign Affairs for the Emperor Zema I
23-05-2004, 17:43
Many communist nations would oppose such a resolution because although they believe in a communist way of governing, they honor and respect other nations' rights to govern as they see fit internally. We understand and respect all who would honor a nation's sovereign right to exist, govern, and WORK as it sees fit.
23-05-2004, 17:51
This resoulution will cause more trouble for the people. In many countries their are very low minimum wage or very high living costs. Many people in my country will not be able to live of 40hr weeks and business owners will not want to have to pay the overtime for 80hr weeks.
23-05-2004, 18:36
All who oppose the UN, their harmful resolution, presumption, and feel-good resolutions, leave the UN, denounce it! For in its current state it is nothing that is good! Join us at the Alliance of Independent States! The AIS region is one that does not have these silly resolutions to bind and impede one's sovereign dignity! Join us! And together we will live in peace, harmony, safety, and observe all members' individual sovereignty!
Midgard X
23-05-2004, 18:37
**On the current resolution**

>>5. Work exceeding 40 hours per week that is voluntarily undertaken shall not exceed a total of 80 hours per week, and shall be paid at a rate of at least time and a half or an equivalent pro-rata time off in lieu. Nations shall remain free to set their allowable overtime hours lower and their overtime pay rates higher than specified in this proposal.

What if someone wants to work twelve hours a day, six days a week? Who is government to tell them they can't?

People are worth set amounts of money. Some people are worth five dollars an hour. However, they are not worth six dollars an hour. Now, in a free market, they will be capable of earning upwards of $540 a week. In the despotic market created by this resolution, they will be capable of earning no more than $200 a week. All this does is prohibit people from rising to the levels they wish to rise to. It is not your place to determine how I live my life. It is my own. You have no right to tell me and my employer what I am capable of.

What is the purpose of this resolution? Is it thought to be the "moral" thing to do? In that case, why is a more than 40 hour work week permitted in times of national emergency? Are morals temporarily suspended in times of national emergency?

>>6. The 40 hour week shall be implemented in a manner that does not reduce the standard of living of the workers<<

How is this to be accomplished? It does not define standard of living, so that does make things more difficult. However, in a market that is producing, say, 3/5 of what it was prior to this resolution, it will be very difficult to ensure that everyone will attain the same amount of goods they did before. After all, prices will go up, because goods will be more scarce. Wages will decrease, because people are not permitted to work what they wish to work. It will be very difficult to mandate that the standard of living remains static.

Furthermore, why do we not mandate that the work week be only thirty hours? Why forty? Why not fifty? Why not twenty? By what arbitrary thought process has the number "fourty" been produced?

Where are the fools who vote for this trash? Why do they never appear on the forums? Capitalists outnumber communists five to one here. They can't defend their own votes.
23-05-2004, 18:55
We must bring about change and start to enforce some radical decisions of our own. Starting with the death of communism- a country is not allowed to take away all of its populations income and all countries in the Un deserve atleast an average amount of political freedom. I'd like to see the commies react to that.
23-05-2004, 19:22
There is already a thread on this.
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