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There is an enemy within all our countries making us unhappy

21-05-2004, 22:29
While you may think your nation is safe, and all your citizens happy, know that you may very well be dooming them to restlessness, dissatisfaction and disobedience!

Help keep your citizens very very happy, and neutralize the danger of that toxic chemical we've trusted for too long. Read the UN proposal "Fixing the Liquid Menace" and choose to support it! Your people will thank you, your government will run smoother, and cartoons will be way funnier!

Remember, progress cannot be made alone, those of us who care about keeping our citizens happy, placid, and content must spread the word and get out delegates to support the proposal "Fixing the Liquid Menace"

Thank you

-Dr. Rubenstein M.D.
22-05-2004, 02:14
I’m as environmentally friendly as the next guy. But I believe that unless the UN is willing to not run form the issue it will be pushed around for a long time to come.
Our citizens need to be heard; don’t forget it’s their safety that determines a nation’s well being.

Thank you for your time.
-King Abel the second
22-05-2004, 06:43
This proposal is most definitely concerned for the safety of our citizens! If you read the studies it shows that violence is down, suicide is down, and protest-related deaths are way way down.

Obviously this proposal is a work of true genius.
22-05-2004, 08:11
No, a true genius pastes a copy of the proposal here for us to see it.



... hint, hint, hint, hint, hint. :wink:

Fixing the Liquid Menace

A resolution to ban, legalize, or encourage recreational drugs.

Category: Recreational Drug Use

Decision: Promote

Proposed by: Rubensteinia

Description: After an exhaustive study conducted at great expense by some of the NationState's most prestigious scientific organizations, we have finally brought to light a hidden danger than has been undermining our happiness and mental health.


That's right! That innocent seeming cool, clear, so-called-refreshing liquid that is omnipresent in our lives is not the beneficient life giver that we had previously assumed. Our data clearly shows that the consumption of pure water leads to malcontentment, rebellion, and over-thinking. Now you may think that we cannot do without water. It's too tightly interwoven in nearly all the aspects of our society. You would be thinking right. Alas, as of yet we have not thought of a way to maintain the functioning of or society without it. Perhaps some day. However, there is hope!

Our scientists, assisted by the dedicated, unselfish, and hardly-at-all-for-profit humanitarian foundation of Anheuser Pfizer Lilly (APL), have found a solution that may save us all from the evils of over-attentiveness, willfulness, and inhibitions. For so little cost as to practically be free, the APL will provide a new miracle substance Buzdandobeyinall (BDO) to be added into the entirety of our nation's drinking and bathing waters. BDO's brilliant chemistry restores water to its proper state that allows it to enter our bodies harmoniously, leaving our minds tranquil, giddy, unquestioning and uninhibited. Our extensive research has shown that in the cities provided BDO, there were fewer instances of depression, violence, and organized protest. There were also increased instances of spontaneous dancing and light shows. Dramatic increases were found in the profitability of the snack food industry. Unfortunately, the psychiatry and publishing industries seemed not to do so well, but there were more than enough jobs available that the newly unemployed shrinks and bookworms were absolutely content to fill. "Selling Viagraweiser is... like... way more fun that writing subversive literature..." one prominent ex-rabblerouser overheard saying, before adding a poignant ""

As you can see, both science and the people themselves have let their voice be known, and their voice calls out loud and clear that adding BDO to all our drinking and bathing water is undoubtedly the right decision, and likely is the only way to save us all from a horrible fate.

Approvals: 1 (Qualren)

Status: Lacking Support (requires 148 more approvals)

Voting Ends: Mon May 24 2004


" Have at thee ! " And so on, and so forth.

- Le Représentant de Komokom.

Ministre Régional de Substance.
L'Ordre de Vaillant États. (
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