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Genocide Act

20-05-2004, 16:04
Genocide Act
A resolution to improve worldwide human and civil rights.

Category: Human Rights
Strength: Mild
Proposed by: Ganchelkas

Description: Genocide is a denial of the right of existence of entire human groups, as homicide is the denial of the right to live of individual human beings; such denial of the right of existence shocks the conscience of mankind, results in great losses to humanity in the form of cultural and other contributions represented by these human groups, and is contrary to moral law and to the spirit and aims of the United Nations.
Many instances of such crimes of genocide have occurred when racial, religious, political and other groups have been destroyed, entirely or in part.

The punishment of the crime of genocide is a matter of international concern.

AFFIRMS that genocide is a crime under international law which the civilized world condemns, and for the commission of which principals and accomplices - whether private individuals, public officials or statesmen, and whether the crime is committed on religious, racial, political or any other grounds - are punishable;

INVITES the Member Nations to enact the necessary legislation for the prevention and punishment of this crime;

RECOMMENDS that international co-operation be organized between Nations with a view to facilitating the speedy prevention and punishment of the crime of genocide, and, to this end,

REQUESTS the General Assembly to undertake the necessary studies, with a view to drawing up a draft convention on the crime of genocide to be submitted to the General Assembly within one year after the approval of this Resolution by the General Assembly.


I humbly request the UN Delegates who are in favor of my proposal to support it.
20-05-2004, 16:19
A good start, but this seems to be a commitment to think about it some more and bring legislation to the UN in future - a process which would be much more sensibly carried out in the forums so that we can present a complete and effective document to the UN. In the RL UN this would be a commendable way of going about things - get a basic commitment that paves the way for future legislation - but this is the NSUN and we're less inclined to produce mountains of paperwork.

If you want to work on such a proposal, we assure you you'll find plenty of help and support here.

PDK Orthmann
Ministry of Wu-Wei
20-05-2004, 17:19
i like this proposal. Also it is my humble opinion that genocide trials should be held in genocide courts. And that no UN nation can evade a UN genocide trial! And as to the paperwork: shit happens!
20-05-2004, 17:19
We could start with a nice tight definition.
Too many nations cry genocide when they lose a war.
This is a strong word, which should be confined to severe conditions.
20-05-2004, 17:21
An encouraging first draft. There's plenty of work to be done refining this but it's work worth doing.

Kind regards.

John Boone
Speaker for Rights and Wellbeing
20-05-2004, 19:12
You all have interesting ideas, perhaps you would like to participate in the Convention that will take place after this Proposal is approved?
21-05-2004, 05:57

Is that another UN Summit I smell cooking? Tell me its going to be invitation only, right?
21-05-2004, 08:40
Actually, I was thinking about letting all UN Nations that are interested participate.