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16-05-2004, 14:55 from The Community of Jainism and iv listed a proposal to the UN. i would appreciate it if you could check out my proposals.

My proposals are called 'What about the innocent people?' and 'Innocent before proven guilty'. Please read them and decide. Cheers
16-05-2004, 15:25
What about innocent people?

A resolution to slash worldwide military spending.

Category: Global Disarmament
Strength: Strong
Proposed by: Jainism

Description: # War. What is it good for? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!#

One of the greatest lines every sung. What is war good for? Power, corruption, invade, control of other countries. Is that what we really want? Every time a war is occuring, millions of people die. People who are forced to go into war and people who have had no influence or connection to that war. War kills people, innocent people. Do you think a a 6 month baby, who has had no influence on a war, should be lying in the middle of the street with his/her own blood covering himself/herself, around his/her parents and other children? NO! This is what war has done to countries and has torn them apart and what for? Because selfish, powerful people, who do not care bout anyone but themselves can become richer and more powerful than before, eluding its people that this is the best step forward.

This is barbarric and should be stopped! There should be no military around the world, but peace. All these people who lose jobs can easily get jobs in other industries, making their country a better place, encouraging the economy to grow and prosper.

Military spending should cease before any more damage is done to the world.
Laudable, if poorly written, but (as has been mentioned many times before) the UN only has jurisdiction over one-third of the NS world, and were we to disarm we would swiftly be overrun by non-UN nations.

Innocent before proven guilty

A resolution to improve worldwide human and civil rights.

Category: Human Rights
Strength: Significant
Proposed by: Jainism

Description: "Innocent before proven guilty". That is what the law in most countries state. Yet in some coutries, people are being beaten every day since being arrested, before proven they are innocent. Is that justice? No. Every person should be entitles to their rights and not be stripped of it.

If there is a case that people are being beaten before and after proven guilty of a crime, the people who are inlficting this barbaric action should be reprimanded and put on trial. They are the ones who need to face reality. Just beacuse they work for the government and justice does not mean they should be protected from this and get special treatment. Instead, they should be treated as harshly as possible so that they learn their lesson.

This is already covered by Definition of Fair Trial and various UN documents forbidding torture.