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Resolution Proposal - "Strengthen Global Economy"

15-04-2004, 05:45
Please review my resolution (currently on page 16). It does not have an adverse effect on your sovereign status and should improve the economy of all UN members if passed.

-"Strengthen Global Economy"-
A resolution to reduce barriers to free trade and commerce.

Category: Free Trade Strength: Strong Proposed by: Ptarkin

Description: EMPHASIZING that the international financial system should support sustainable development, sustained economic growth and poverty reduction while allowing for the coherent mobilization of all sources of financing for development, including the mobilization of domestic resources, international investment flows, official development assistance, external debt relief and an open, equitable, rule-based, predictable and non-discriminatory global trading system,
REITERATING that success in meeting the objectives of development and poverty eradication depends on good governance within each country and at the international level, and stressing that sound economic policies, solid democratic institutions responsive to the needs of the people and improved infrastructure are the basis for sustained economic growth, poverty eradication and employment creation,
WELCOMING the growing interaction between the United Nations and the international financial and trade institutions, consistent with the relevant resolutions and in accordance with related agreements,
ENCOURAGING further progress on the issue of participation of developing countries in international economic decision-making and norm-setting processes, while welcoming the steps that have been taken with a view to strengthening the capacity of developing countries to participate effectively in the international financial institutions,
RECOGNIZING the urgent need to enhance the coherence, governance and consistency of the international monetary, financial and trading systems, and the importance of ensuring their openness, fairness and inclusiveness in order to complement national development efforts to ensure sustained economic growth and the achievement of the internationally agreed development goals,
INVITES developed countries, in particular major industrialized economies, to take into account the effect of their macroeconomic policies on international growth and development;
NOTES the impact of financial crises and risks of contagion on developing countries and countries with economies in transition, regardless of their size, and underlines the need to ensure that the international financial institutions have a suitable array of financial facilities and resources to respond in a timely and appropriate way, in accordance with their policies, to such crises;
EMPHASIZES that it is essential to ensure the effective and equitable participation of developing countries in the formulation of financial standards and codes, and underscores the need to ensure their implementation, on a voluntary and progressive basis, as a contribution to reducing vulnerability to financial crisis and contagion,
INVITES the multilateral and regional development banks and development funds to continue to play a vital role in serving the development needs of developing countries and countries with economies in transition, including through coordinated action, as appropriate, and stresses that strengthened regional development banks and subregional financial institutions add flexible financial support to national and regional development efforts, enhancing their ownership and overall efficiency, and are an essential source of knowledge and expertise for their developing country members.
15-04-2004, 06:18
I like this proposal. I honestly for once have nothing to suggest.
15-04-2004, 08:26
Add birth control for developing nations :P
18-04-2004, 11:00
Everyone I have talked to likes it, but I do not have the time to lobby it properly. I wish more people would actively browse the UN proposals and not just read them when told to.