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about WORLD BLOOD BANK-please read

14-04-2004, 04:39
This message I wrote on my region's message board and would like to have the whole UN be able to look. It is about the resolution's idea of reflecting the International Red Cross/ Red Crescent.
I first would state that an international blood bank is to my nation a fantastic idea. It saves lives and such problems as disease and misuse are moot points.
BUT!! The international red cross/red crescent is not that world organization that the resolution wants. The IRCRC as one might notice does not mention a red buddha (such as Tibet or other nations might want) or red hindu deity (sorry the name of one slips my mind-for a nation such as India) or the multiple religions of Africa etc... Additionally it does not include a Red Star of David which would logically be from Israel. I know for a fact that throughout 50 years the Red Star of David (it does exist though nationally) has existed it has been denied access to the IRCRC due to it being a symbol of religion (through to me a cross and crescent seem to at least some connection to a religion). The Red Star of David helps suicide bomber victims (not too mention failed suicide members) and other people in the region with various medical emergencies. It is though classified internationally (the ambulances that is) as military component due to its lack of recognization under IRCRC. The situation has gotten so bad including to compromises to change the shape and/or color like a triangle to be less religious...actually one idea was yellow star this according to the American President of Red Star of David (for those who don't rember the Nazis used yellow stars though that was not necessarily even an aspect of the decision making process.) The American Red Cross due to their feeling of the injustice of IRCRC has withdrawn dues for a few years now in protest.
Now this is not a discussion of feelings on the Mid East Conflict, this is about a group that helps people in emergencies no matter what their background. The Red Star of David after 9/11 quickly set up blood drives and sent enormous amount to help amongst other aid.
In the world of NationStates there are many nations with religions of obscurity (the various leader consider a deity etc.), atheist nations, and various other religions as well. I believe it to be very at odds to support following a group that is
1) not a part of the nationstates world
2) and not a group that is open to all religions and political philosophies as well...
Thank you for taking the time to read this...

Please consider voting against the resolution

Another note: If you are SOCIALIST NATION or Left of the road nation, which I happen not to be, but if you are and you voting for the resolution you are backing a group run by nations like Syria and Saudi Arabia just as much as France or Germany. They are anti-women, anti-gay, anti-democracy, and anti-freedom of speech and religion. Which I would imagine left wing folk would care about or I hope eveyone would care about.