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+++ UN PROPOSAL — Electricity is a Human Right +++

10-04-2004, 03:46
This resolution aims to take care of something that is important to the world, and that is the basic right to all humans of power and energy. This proposal expands human rights and quality of living for all peoples regardless of race, religion, or physical limitations/boundaries.

Electricity is a Human Right

A resolution to improve worldwide human and civil rights.

Category: Human Rights
Strength: Strong
Proposed by: Quarka

Description:Whereas the world is filled with different means of utilizing and creating energy.

'Energy' is defined as usable power (as heat or electricity).
'Alternative Energy Sources' is defined as sources of energy other than fossil fuels.
'Fossil Fuels' is defined as those sources of energy including coal, oil, and natural gas.

Whereas the various and diverse nations of the world have different economies, different infrastructures, and different dependencies on power and electricity.

Whereas there are also many nations in which electricity is not freely available due to government regulations and/or struggles to provide alternative fuels over traditional fossil fuels.

Therefore it is resolved that energy is a freely available resource that every nation may utilize, and may harness in any way they please. Every nation may choose to obtain energy from any source they wish, be it fossil fuels or alternative fuel sources.

Therefore it is also resolved that electricity is a basic human right and that every human being in every NationStates nation should be allowed, at the very least, access to electricity. This is simply the capability, how it is provided may vary nation to nation. Government may provide electricity free to its citizens or citizens may purchase their own, but all citizens of every nation MUST have access to it in some form or fashion.

With the passing of this resolution all nations will meet a universal required energy standard so that the people of the world may be able to enjoy the basic right of electricity and power.