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UN Vote: Anti-Segregation Act

New Vuhifell
07-04-2004, 01:49
Seeing as how many around the world enjoy personel and economic freedoms under the sovereignity of their national government, the words to the one of the most powerful documents on the face of the planet still do not reach many. 'The freedoms of Life, Liberty, and the Persuit of happiness', these words symbolize freedom and democracy for ALL humanity. The United Nations nor any nation does not have any political power to force a dictatorship out of power. However to deny the freedoms that makes the grandure of life worth living, is as dispicable and as undenyable as any major event that takes place in international history. To deny humans of the freedoms that they deserve (or those that their government allows), is found by most nations unhuman.

The following articles CANNOT be forced in by the United Nations as result of the Compliance Ministry, the government of New Vuhifell does not propose that all nations have to obey the laws of this article, instead we suggest it.

Article I: Racial, Religous, & Gender discrimination

To Persecute one because of their Race, Religion, or Gender is found as segregation by most studies, however in the course of war. In which a target nation's citizen is being prosecuted by their nationality is as emotionaly damaging as other forms of discrimination. Finding that this prejudice can cause great damage to the minds emotion controls and cause extreme trauma during early years in life, it is deemed that this suggestive point is most important out of this entire bill.

Article II: Military Censorship

As does apply to Civilians, the military will not be forced to carry out this law, however not entitling someone to join the military because of their above descriptions is not as emotionaly damaging however is found can cause feelings of prejudice and segregation and start passing the desease of descrimination to the next of their kin. Thus it is encouraged to consider their real abilities on the battlefield before denying someone military soldiership.
07-04-2004, 04:20
First of all, we're no fans of the US Constitution; we'd rather see John Stuart Mill's On Liberty being bandied around here, if only because it's a much more universalisable text.

This is one of the most weirdly worded bills we've yet seen, and while we concur with its spirit our brain hurts when we try to parse its content.
Tuesday Heights
07-04-2004, 05:09
Too wordy, and wrong words used, most definitely. Interesting proposal but far too confusing for the UN.
07-04-2004, 07:43

Nice ideas, bad wording...

Oh, and atricle one is pretty much covered by N.S. issues already, so we should be remembering there is some precedent for sov. states handling that stuff...

Also, I don't se why the military of a nation should not be able to choose who it has in it.

Does not affect me, mandatory conscription already, but, eh. :wink:

Just my two Almighty Komok Dollars...

- The Rep of Komokom.