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Second Draft: 'United Nations Referendum'

05-04-2004, 07:26
Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness; among these inherent rights is the right to challenge any Authority or decree. It not only is our inherent right, but it is also our obligation as the Peoples and Nations of this world. For years the U.N. has gone unchecked, free to do what they will. Granted, they preach Democracy and the advancement of Civilization, but at what cost? Are we to continue to sit in these tranquil halls of the U.N., heedlessly neglecting that given right to challenge their Authority? We are given the right to debate these resolutions. We are granted the right to express our views; need not look further then this very post. Why are we then not granted the right to challenge or alter resolutions that passed years ago when times have indeed changed? Does this not seem commonsensical? Why does such a once pristine organization refuse to grant its Nations one of the very rights, indeed the very fabric that binds the Peoples of the world together: the right to challenge; to disagree; to change?
We need this right. We need this to continue the advancement of Democracy and Civilization, which is the very purpose of the U.N., indeed its very soul that I once thought I was a part of. There may be no easy solution to this problem; however, one such solution does exist, the use of Amendments. If a resolution was found to be unwarranted, then one or many nations may draft an Amendment, which would then proceed to the floor of the U.N. and be voted on. Once the Amendment is passed, it would alter or nullify the resolution. This system works very much in the same way as the system today. Then where does the problem lie? As already discussed, such actions may warrant “banning” of a Nation that attempts such actions; the very proposal thrown to the streets and never reaching the once sacred halls of the U.N.
The ‘United Nations Referendum’ would ensure such powers be granted to the Peoples and Nations of the world. The proposal itself does not have any immediate effect on the mechanics of NationStates. Consequently, the proposal does allow for such steps to be taken to challenge the Authoritarian. That is its sole purpose. Therefore, let it be said that the ‘United Nations Referendum’:

The Declaration of the ‘United Nations Referendum’

When in the course of Civilization such events do arise that warrant the inherent right to challenge any Authority or decree that the People and Nations of the world deem unwarranted. Given this right, and to fulfill our obligations as the Peoples and Nations of the world, We shall attempt to further the advancement of Democracy and Civilization. In doing so, We continue to further establish the United Nations back in to its former glory and indeed its very purpose in the world today.

Primary Articles of the Referendum

Article I. When such events do arise, the members of the U.N. are hereby granted full right to challenge any Authority or decree that they deem unwarranted.
Article II. Once such action is taken, the participating Nations, must draft an Amendment (the title of such proposals are as follows: the challenged resolution’s title, followed only by the word ‘Amendment’) and specifically state which resolution or parts of a resolution that they are attempting to nullify; their reasons for taking such action; and their solution or revisal of the challenged resolution or its parts.
Article III. ‘Popular support’ is shown through receiving 5%of Delegate approval. Once enough ‘popular support’ has been shown, the Amendment then proceeds to the floor of the U.N. were it may be debated and put to vote.
Article IV. Once a vote has been taken, and passed by a majority, the affects of the Amendment will be taken immediately, as described within the Amendment itself.
Article V. If the Amendment fails to receive a majority, it shall be granted that a second draft of the Amendment may be presented to the Delegates; the guidelines set in Articles III and IV shall again be followed a second time through.
Article VI. If an Amendment fails a second time, it shall be deemed null and void.
Article VII. A resolution may not be challenged a third time until 90 days have passed. Once the 90-day limit has passed, a resolution may be challenged again, following the guidelines of Articles III and IV.

Secondary Articles of the Referendum

Article I. Let it be said, that at no such time will any resolutions; past, present, or future, be removed. Only through an Amendment may resolutions be altered or nullified.
Article II. Let it be known, that the title of the proposal must follow the guidelines mentioned in Article II of the Primary Articles of the Referendum. This is important in showing that the proposal is attempting to change another resolution.
Article III. While Amendments are subtly different from regular resolutions, they may still be challenged in the same fashion as all other resolutions.

Final Articles of the Referendum

Article I. The power to uphold this document is hereby invested to the Peoples and Nations of the world pertaining to the U.N.
Article II. The power to alter or nullify any and all resolutions and Amendments; past, present, and future, are hereby granted to the Peoples and Nations of the world pertaining to the U.N.
Article III. All Articles and Declarations are hereby in effect until such alterations or nullifications are enacted upon them.

We are a People who pride themselves on being of an independent—self-reliant nature. Only a fool would fail to realize that We would not be where we are today, we would not be who we are today if it wasn’t for the dependency on the People and Nations that we surround ourselves by. So it is with a humble heart that the People of the Independent States of Bytek and the Nations of Yenartek show our utmost gratitude.

All questions, comments, criticisms, critiques, review’s, or whatnot are very welcomed. Please, feel free to post on this thread.

Please also read, A Declaration to the Peoples and Nations of the World (found at, it is long, but provides many arguments and answers for the need for such a resolution as this.
05-04-2004, 07:33
wrong forum.

possibly. You're asking if you should post this on the UN forum are you?
05-04-2004, 07:42
My intent was is to ralley support behind this proposition from the general public, not only the UN. However, if this forum is not specifically designed for such purposes, I will agree to not post here for such instances again.
05-04-2004, 08:44
you dope, dont make multiple threads, its called "SPAM". Keep one thread for each topic and one thread only!

Tytrox Throx
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05-04-2004, 08:57
This proposal is rejected by the DSH on the basis that it would alter game mechanics. Although it is well thought out.