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New Nation: The Armed Republic of Free Fire Zones

Free Fire Zones
04-04-2004, 08:43
Duck! It's what's for dinner. :twisted:
We may be small but we are well armed. Aside from the Corporate Militia/Security Forces (tax deductible of course :wink: [, not that our libertarian imperialist state can be bothered to collect them]), our military policy is to happily sell any and all obsolete weapons to the highest bidder. This goes far towards insuring a well-armed citizenry and helps greatly to defray the costs of buying new weapons. Further, it means that disposing of old weapons is a revenue generating activity. Nor do we waste money on bureaucratic fripperies like end user agreements.

Hopefully, this wonderful policy will go far toward addressing our crime problem in the days ahead as we enter our own Radiant Future! If you know were we can buy radiological weapons cheaply, then that day will draw nigh all the sooner.

Emperor Pro-Tem "Big D"
04-04-2004, 08:44
Wrong Forum. 'Nuff said.