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Endorsements in the UN

31-03-2004, 22:49
How come it takes so many endorsements to get an issue to a vote. There are some really good topics that I think would benefit most of us. It just takes forever for people to endorse them. Can someone tell me why? :?:
01-04-2004, 01:37
u should need 2 endorsements, so people cannot just join the UN to make a stupid proposal, goofing around....they should need endorsements from people who know they are serious. But they should require 3---1 from UN member in region, 1 from UN member out of region, and one not from a UN member, but can be in or out of their region..................................


The Empire of The Fisch
East Hackney
01-04-2004, 01:44
BouncinBaby, do you actually mean "approvals" - UN Delegates supporting proposals they want to see the whole UN vote on?
If so, there's several answers to your question. First off, a lot of UN Delegates aren't very active. Some don't bother approving proposals at all; others only occasionally skim through the list for proposals to endorse (and I don't blame them. It's a big list).
And that's leaving out all the politics issues. Some Delegates only approve left-wing proposals, regardless of whether they're fun or interesting; some only approve right-wing ones. Some won't approve anything that's badly spelt. Some have very narrow definitions of what issues the UN should be considering.

As for the number of approvals that a proposal needs before it can go before the whole UN for vote - that's set by the people who coded the game. Proposals need the support of 6% of delegates, but I have no idea where this figure came from - I imagine the game coders plucked it from the air, though hopefully someone out there knows more about it.