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We hold that Restful Sleep be self evident

29-03-2004, 12:11
Barring unforseen events of insomnia or good television programming, we hold that Restful Sleep is a universally accepted freedom to all.

Article 1: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Article 2: (toss and turn)

Article 3: One sheep, two sheep, three sheep...
article 3b: If one has an aversion of sheep, they may substitute cows, though the bell tends to keep people awake when they land on the other side of the fense.

Article 4: Pillow hugging is an allowable form of expression during periods of slumber, and should not be held against any person.
article 4b: Unless they have someone to hug in the pillows stead, a person should be free to do so, unless the person states that they do not wished to be coddled during sleep.

Article 5: Snoring is an allowed function of sleep, because it is a natural bodily occurance during most people rest periods, and is usually an unconscious and uncontrollable urge of the body.

Article 6: That anything said during sleep shall not be held against a person in a court of law.

Article 7: That everyone has the right to a comfortable soft bed with pillows.

Article 8: Any loud disturbances for the express purpose of waking any person is not welcome, unless the sleeper had previously stated they wished to be waked at a certain time.

Article 9: Jokes, goofs, or gags are expressly not welcome to a person in a slumberish state.

Article 10: Catnapping would follow under these articles.
29-03-2004, 12:50
Sleep, she is for the week.

support Pitr cola
29-03-2004, 15:50
We suggest an amendment explicitly condemning those who seek to disturb Sunday night slumbers by repeatedly banging on the front door and pressing the buzzer for a first floor flat when they wish to stalk the occupants of the ground floor flat. For two hours. Bastards.


Desmond 'Coyote' Hawkins
Temporary Speaker for the Sleep-Deprived (and the Sleep-Depraved)
29-03-2004, 19:26
The right to nod off during voting meetings/lectures/speeches should also be enshrined. We are worried about the catnapping though...those nations who are cat-lovers may be a bit bothered at the prospect of their furry little (all be it bird murdering) feline darlings vanishing from the street.....
29-03-2004, 23:39
=^o.o^= Bird murdering is such a politically incorrect term. We prefer to call it terminating the life functions of our avian friends with extreme prejiduce, but not before toying around with them in a good mannered nature.

The term catnapping was referring to shorter sleep periods in order to regain energy.
29-03-2004, 23:43