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Right to Life
28-03-2004, 21:28
Corey from Valuan Soviet States has a great proposal that is pending until tomorrow please check it out if you are a fellow regional delegate:

Gaia Treaty
A resolution to increase the quality of the world's environment, at the expense of industry.

Category: Environmental Industry Affected: Automobile Manufacturing Proposed by: Valuan Soviet States
Description: Sponcer-Valuan Soviet States

Noting with deep concern the poor shape of the planet's ecosystem.

Confident that the body can resolve this issue.

Recalling the Kyoto Treaty which attempted to reduce carbon emissions.

Convinced that this large issue must be addressed seperately.

Further Noting the automobile industry.
1) Creates a UN sub-commitiee composed of all nations which are members of the UN to regulate carbon emissions and to create a standard of what is a safe level of pollutants in the earth's atmosphere.

2) Proclaims that by the year 2050, alternitive energy reasourses will be explored by this committee and production will be begun in several large nations.

3) Reminds nations that this commitee does not have the power to impose anything on nations on it's purpose is to purely explore healthier ways to manufacture automobiles and to attempt to reduce their harmful emmissions.

4) Commits to be actively seized in the matter.

Approvals: 19 (Right to Life, Sagamie, Dolphinarium, SpawnVD, _Myopia_, Alneida, Bweezystan, Dreudel, Lygonia, Hersfold, Jackuul, Smeebobfred, Ptarkin, West - Europa, Wilkshire, Temme, Harry Fung, MR Dole, Romani Forti)

Status: Lacking Support (requires 134 more approvals)

Voting Ends: Mon Mar 29 2004
28-03-2004, 22:25
Wow, a proposal so half-assed even Bloodmoon-Hyperion didn't approve it?

We didn't pass Kyoto. This is NationStates, not RL.

Further Noting the automobile industry.

Is this even a sentence?

4) Commits to be actively seized in the matter.

Aie! The matter has actively seized me! With SPELLING ERRORS!
East Hackney
29-03-2004, 00:42
*races to rescue Rehochipe from the evil clutches of the spelling errors*
We're convinced that this proposal must somehow be rooted in a reality different to our own, since the facts just don't fit the real world.
We've never heard of this "Kyoto" treaty, for one. And the planet's ecosystem is actually in pretty good shape since we started forcing nations to plant all those trees.
29-03-2004, 07:55
The environment is an increasingly important issue when regarding policy changes and adoption of said policies. It is vital that we work together to keep our environment stable and to prevent further damage to this precious and necessary commodity. Remember, we have only one Earth.

The Holy Empire of Kyriana would gladly support such a proposal, as it is a key element in our daily lives.