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26-03-2004, 19:53
As a long time highly irratable delegate, I would have to say that the cardinal rule is don't annoy the delegates/voters. Seriously, delegates have too much to do as it is, so wasting thier time will annoy them. The basic guidelines here are:

Don't Have a Really Long Preamble: There are far more succinct ways to put your point across about something being a problem than ranting and ranting about it. Truth be told, I tend to skip the preamble if it looks too long. Don't get me wrong: it is an important section of the resolution, but it shouldn't be half of it! Most problems require 50 words at most, unless technical terms must be explained [as in the ballast water resolution]

Explain Yourself: Don't just say stuff like 'this resolution will do this'
and stop. How? With what? Again, keep it succinct, but detail is required. Thus it is better to propose a clearly explained little than a undetailed lot.

Keep it Short: As I said, delegates are busy - some nights I have had to check through 40 proposals, just to keep up to date. 1000 word essays are all well and good, but way too long for people to read through. 200 words as a whole should be fine.

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26-03-2004, 19:55

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