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Child Abduction Alert Plan

26-03-2004, 16:08
The Brandy Alert Plan is a voluntary partnership between law-enforcement agencies and broadcasters to activate an urgent bulletin in the most serious child-abduction cases.

The Brandy Alert Plan is a method of alerting citizens of the World when a child has been abducted. The program was developed for Misfit Toy Islands by the Beaversborough Minister of Justice and the Rogue Nation of Evilee and named after 9 year old Brandy Doe who was abducted while playing near her home in Chattanooga and subsequently molested by an unknown assailant in 1986.

The Brandy Alert Plan uses the Emergency Alert System (EAS), via the code CAE - Child Abduction Emergency, to warn citizens by radio and television when a child abduction has occurred. The emergency alert contains information regarding the victim, the suspect and if applicable the suspects vehicle information. This allows the citizens and the media to assist police by getting the message out immediately and reporting sightings of the child, perpetrator, or any other associated information. If a person does have information concerning an abduction they should report that information immediately to police by calling 911. The ultimate goal is to save the life of a child.

In order for the Brandy Alert Plan to be activated, the Regional Center for Missing & Exploited Children suggests law enforcement must satisfy the following criteria:

The abducted child must be under eighteen (18) years of age;
law enforcement confirms a child has been abducted
law enforcement believes the circumstances surrounding the abduction indicate that the child is in danger of serious bodily harm or death
there is enough descriptive information about the child, abductor, and/or suspect's vehicle to believe an immediate broadcast alert will help;

The plan is limited to "abducted" children, and, therefore, excludes children believed to be runaways or throwaways from home.

If these criteria are met, alert information must be put together for public distribution. This information can include descriptions and pictures of the missing child, the suspected abductor, a suspected vehicle, and any other information available and valuable to identifying the child and suspect.

Amendment I

The Brandy Alert Plan establishes program requirements for the regionwide child abduction emergency alert system. In addition, it will require the National Ministries of Police and the Ministries of Transportation to coordinate in the use of electronic highway message signs to convey abduction information, including, but not limited to information about the child, abductor, and/or suspect's vehicle.
26-03-2004, 20:05
This proposal too tied to names and events outside of NS to be of interest to us.