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Can the UN help me if my nation and region were hacked?

26-03-2004, 07:38
My region, federation of trabia, has been hacked and stolen from me. He hacked in, rejected me and my UN delagate, and put a password on my region. My main nation, which i founded the region with, was Laosing. He recently stole that too, a few hours ago. All this has happened today. I alerted moderators but i have no idea when ill hear back. Right now I have a nation, Final Fantasy haven, that can be contacted. It amy be stolen too though. Heres the whole story in its order of events.

4 or 5 days ago- I start my region, federation of Trabia, and work to get ppl to join. Because of my interest in Final Fantasy, I decided I would ask them as well as some of my friends to join. The response was good and yesterday i had 25 nations.

2 days ago- Ppl in Final Fantasy region (FF) started to get angry cuz about 10 ppl had left them and come to my region. They posted negative messages about my region.

Yesterday- Everything was running fine, but due to the unrest in FF i decided to make a nation that i could put in their so i could monitor them and have access to the message board if i needed it.

Today- It started when a nation formed called "Anti-Trabia" and they moved to FF. they are qouted here:
--------From FF region Message board-------
4 hours ago-
I have a master plan that will destroy The Federation of Trabia.

5 hours ago-
The Republic of Anti-Trabia Watch and see the empire crumble before your eyes. Keep posted.

5 hours ago-
The Republic of Anti-Trabia The Federation of Trabia is now under our control. The regional password is in my hands.

They then proceeded to hack into my region under my nations name, reject me and my delegate Cruchy, and put a password on my region. Luckily I had another nation still in the region called "Final Fantasy Haven". I alerted all the members of FOT that it was not me who had done this. Later on, they changed the password again and changfed the factbook to:

World Factbook Entry: The Federation of Trabia is now under the control and ownership of Final Fantasy.

I was very mad that they had hacked and stolen my region, but I still had my nation Laosing. NOT FOR LONG.....
They then hacked my nation from the rejected realms and stole it as well, and changed the motto to "I surrender to anti-Trabia". I now have my nation in FF region and a seperate nation "Final Fantasy Haven" in the rejected realms. Im left with no power, no region, and I feel violated. He then has the nerve to send me a message from my stolen nation:

Hello, and grettings from the best nation on earth. You will find that I am much more powerful than your "law". Enjoy your stay in the Rejected Realms.

This really steamed my clams!!!! I want action and want to know if he could have hacked further into my computer. I want my nation and region back. I would also like to thank The CDM Cofee drinking Emirate of the Isle of Orleans for all his help and advice with this situation. Please moderators, do something to stop this.
26-03-2004, 07:41
Sorry, but this is not the business of the UN. It's good that you alerted the mods, though.
26-03-2004, 08:28
Since this has been posted in Moderation and Technical (both of which are much more useful destinations than here), this thread locks.