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National Ruin hearlads GCON into new era!

National Ruin
16-03-2004, 15:59
GCON is still advidly fighting the UN and we are not going to quit! We only grow stronger as our nations sneak ever closer to the 1 billion mark. Join GCON today and end tyranny in the world forever!
16-03-2004, 16:08
yeah whatever.... :roll:

The Black New World
16-03-2004, 16:40
Haven’t we been through this before?

Didn’t we establish that this post doesn’t belong in the UN forum?

Didn’t we establish that joining you was trading one set of strict rules for another?

Didn’t we tell you to get lost, and call security?

UN representative,
The Black New World
East Hackney
16-03-2004, 16:44
I dunno, the free peoples of East Hackney are pretty scared by GCON. It has a whole 27 nations on board...
16-03-2004, 16:48
Dinnae ye be worried bigjob, we'll all de a flit into y're country, an protect ye, ye great big safty.

Rab Everbody
East Hackney
16-03-2004, 17:04
Thanks for the offer ye wee free menace, but we'd rather keep our cows.
16-03-2004, 17:23
*Onny spare ship then??? :roll:
East Hackney
16-03-2004, 17:50
No, we scrapped our navy years ago.

Oh. Our Delegate for the Translation of Barbarian Languages has just informed us that the delegate from the Nac Mac Feigle was in fact referring to sheep. We have none of those either, there no longer being any sailors to, erm, keep entertained...
16-03-2004, 18:15
GCON is still advidly fighting the UN and we are not going to quit! We only grow stronger as our nations sneak ever closer to the 1 billion mark. Join GCON today and end tyranny in the world forever!
Avidly fighting? I didn't realize I was at war. It must be a very cold war.
16-03-2004, 19:18
Avidly fighting? I didn't realize I was at war. It must be a very cold war.

I think that since their militaries add up to a total of about one platoon per UN state, they've instead concentrated on kamikaze attacks on the forum.
17-03-2004, 03:47
GCON, heh, could be G-string for all I care,

Okay, maybe I will finally get through to the GCON freek'y'deek'y's who keep on coming in here and declaring how good they are and how they will smash the U.N.

If, and I say, If you or your little friends telegram me and declare war, I will resort to the harshest action possible which I can, and will simultaneosly demonstrate to you why your little ambitious scheme is a waste of time, and why its now 8:30 and thus far past your bed time,


- The Rep of Komokom, "No'mess'in!"
17-03-2004, 08:44
The president of Sophista is curious. How do the nations of GCON expect to challenge the UN or, for that matter, affect it in any way whatsoever?

Sincerely yours,
Daniel M. Hillaker
Minister of Foreign Affairs
17-03-2004, 11:04
They apparently plan to find every U.N. member nation, R.P. war them, and force the losers to join them, until all losers and thus U.N. members leave the U.N. and join the then glorious GCON...

Or something equally impossible... :wink:


Ignoring the fact:

1) We will simply ignore them, :wink:

2) We will open fire with our I.G.N.O.R.E. cannons on them should they propose us with R.P. wars which we would not be bothered with.

3) Did I mention we would ignore their pathetic little power play?

4) Oh, lets not forget the logistical problems they would have communication and other, wise.

Also, I'd like to blanket warn all U.N. members should GCON members threaten you with R.P. wars constantly, and refuse to acknowledge your refusals to play their game, contact moderation staff or just block their telegrams, I doubt they could ever organise a effective wide spread civil disobediance action to get around telegram blocking, and if they did, that would possibly result in disciplinary action from mods.

You know, not saying they are to my knowledge, but if they do resort to such hostile activities...

Thats all for now, me sleepy, going to go watch Resident Evil on DVD...

- The Rep of Komokom.
18-03-2004, 15:05
Oh no, the idiotic National ruin threatened me with war! :shock: :wink:

Idiot, well I see someone has a quick temper. I do not believe you should call me an idiot lest you want to war with GCON. The UN is garbage and I have no problem sending my entire regions military force against you.

First of all, National Ruin is an idiot.

Secondly, it's a good thing I don't care isn't it? :roll:

Oh, for the record, National Ruin is an idiot. :wink:

Useful thing, this blocking of certain senders of telegrams isn't it?
20-03-2004, 06:44
Hirota, you forgot to call National Ruin an idiot! :wink:

- The Rep of Komokom.
20-03-2004, 08:01
I thought this might be interesting when I first looked at the title, thinking it was short for Gen-con (whose leaving Milwaukee I have strill not gotten over), but now I see we are talking about a bunch of idiotic morons who mornic-ly act like idiots, threatening the UN. Well, so much for the possibility of interest


Sorry, where was I? Oh yea, Vivelon is a peaceful nation, so should worst come to worst, we would like to temporarily borrow someon'e I.G.N.O.R.E. cannons, in case the citizenry and the royal family and parliment ignoring them is not enough, not that I expect the moronic ignoramuses (ignorami?) to be smart enough to understand an RP war. I could probably defeat an army of their morons with an eloquent-speaking militia. Their tiny brains would not be able to comprehend their defeat... on the other hand, it's easier to ignore them.
20-03-2004, 09:15
Its these kinda threads that make me consider starting an Encyclopedia Ignoramica... :?

Hey Hirota, your lucky, I've not had a peep of the mighty GCON, its almost like the para-military freeks are afraid of me, I mean, how could it be they are afraid of little old me...

After all, they are so big and powerful... :lol:

* At this point The Rep of Komokoms straight face disintergrates into hysterical laughter....

No, really, I mean, they are so mighty compared to the entire U.N. ... :lol:

* Breaks down into more hysterical laughter, resulting in him rolling about on the floor...

Seriously though, if the telegrammed me with a threat of war, what could I do... :lol:

* Hysterical laughter so great, a paramedic team put him on a stretcher and sedate him to stop his sides from physically splitting in mirth. Before he passes out under the fuzzy drugs, he calls out,

GCON, a threat, yeah, right, chase-my-aunt-fany-up-a-drain-pipe they are, HA HA HA !


- The Rep of Komokom.
The Black New World
20-03-2004, 15:06
If you want to know more about the politics of Geco...Gono....Whatever they where addressed on this thread-
And if you’re really bored they have a website-

UN representative,
The Black New World
Do you know what ‘gay science’ is?
21-03-2004, 01:13
I thought this might be interesting when I first looked at the title, thinking it was short for Gen-con (whose leaving Milwaukee I have strill not gotten over), .

Hey Bigjob, Ah remember Gencon in Milwaukee, some guid times there, an' a canny few drinks doon at the 'Safe Hoose'. 1st time I went - 1991, I learnt that the US is BIG, the next time - 1996 I flew all the way an' missed all that flat land an' straight roads from NJ through the plains. Helluva wake up call for a wee Scot!

Used tae be a brilliant show when it was TSR though!

Anyone else been?

More interesting than the current thread :lol:
21-03-2004, 10:12
World Factbook Entry: Global Coalition of Nations stands for fighting for what is right. We will conquer all till the land is red with blood and fire! "Without God GCON would not have grown so well." A New Age Has Dawned In GCON, It Is The Age Of The Triarchy! Our web page is, please check it frequently. GCON will return to promince, Czar Nicholas V promises it. GCON is once again a peaceful region and we are always welcoming new-faces here to bring down the courrpt UN.

* Drops into hysterics, :lol:

Oh, and lets not forget that GCON had some split, now there is a Neo GCON...

World Factbook Entry: Welcome to Neo GCON. A region that was created because I got tired of watching GCON just sit and watch, instead of fighting the UN. Because I got tired of GCON's god-modding (70 million for 1 invasion, and space weapons). Because I got tired of watching people get kicked out "cause they don't know you". Neo-GCON will be a region dedicated to action, we will do whatever we can to help ANY member that needs assistance. And we will fight to protect all the nations in this region. We are dedicated to ACTION, instead of inaction.

* Drops into further hysterics, :lol:

People, you want a real laugh, drop into their region pages an read the region message board... Now I remember with certainly why I *never* R.P., let alone with any apparent, well, seriousness... :wink:

- The Rep of Komokom, agent provocateur for common sense.
22-03-2004, 12:51
Hey G-CON, cen y'r muthas sew laddies. We're up fer it if y've got the ba's, ye wee poosies!