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16-03-2004, 02:38
The Federation of Lockeans has put a proposal before the U.N. We want a Equal Protection Clause to be approved by the U.N. delegates so it can become a resolution and be put to a vote. An Equal Protection Clause will prevent member nations from making discriminatory laws.
16-03-2004, 08:46

I suggest you go and read the list od passed proposals, you'l be finding it on the main U.N. page here... Its titled Past Proposals or something, like that, I suggest most firmly you read it, if not already...

Your idea sounds awfully similar to some past ones.

- The Rep of Komokom.
16-03-2004, 18:10
You called us all here for this :?: :!: Didn't we already passmany similar proposals?
16-03-2004, 19:12
This does look like some resolutions which are already on the books, sorry.
16-03-2004, 20:50
Yes I agree that this issue was mentioned in the Universal Bill of Rights, however, this Equal Protection proposal makes it undisputable.
16-03-2004, 21:08
Whats the exact name of the proposal so i can search for it without looking through every page.
16-03-2004, 21:27
I havent been a delegate for very long, actually i just became one, but after reading your proposal and reading some past ones, i would say that yours is extremely similar to some i have read and voted on before.
17-03-2004, 01:18
You have my vote. :D
17-03-2004, 13:37
Whats the exact name of the proposal so i can search for it without looking through every page.

The name of the proposal is "Equal Protection under the Law"
17-03-2004, 14:07
the Fourteenth amendment to the constitution of the United States supports the other amendments

The ambassador from the DSH wishes to make it clear to our brother nation that the United States is a fictional place. :roll:

Anyway, the proposal will not go through because it fails to set any especially important, relevant or interesting changes.

It's not getting my vote, and I'm certainly not going to run to my delegate and beg them to endorse it.