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Legalize Marijuana and tax it

14-03-2004, 22:07
Marijuana Legal but Taxed

A resolution to ban, legalize, or encourage recreational drugs.

Category: Recreational Drug Use Decision: Legalize Proposed by: Spazzlopia
Description: By now, most everyone is aware of the damaging effects of marijuana being nearly as dangerous as alcohol and nicotine. However, both of those are legal in many countries. The proposal listed here today is that countries choosing to allow the legalization of marijuana use it properly, with distribution and profit handled by the government of each country that allows it. Distribution assures that a black market can be kept to a relative minimum, allowing the government to effectively control the price. All profits go directly towards the central government of the country to use in whatever programs that leader sees fit. This increase of income could be immense, considering that if it were legalized in The United States for example, it would generate several Billion dollars in income for that country.

In an effort to control and keep this from being a rampant problem, companies with employees will continue to hold the same regards as to not coming to work under the influence. Marijuana shall only be legal in the privacy of the home. Driving under the influence of marijuana will be held in the same regard as driving under the influence of alcohol. It will be up to the individual governments to decide whether or not to celebrate the birthday as a national holiday of Smokey McPot.

Governments could freely import and export marijuana to other countries that have agreed to legalization, without worry of United Nations interference. Economic prosperity would be imminent, marijuana users can be slightly less paranoid, and government funding issues may disappear.

Status: Lacking Support (requires 114 more approvals)

Voting Ends: Sun Mar 14 2004
14-03-2004, 23:47
Marijuana Legal but Taxed

Laio has nothing against this... was wondering why it HAS to be taxed. If it is legal... should it not be up to each nation whether it is taxed or not?

I'm assuming that is proposed "tax" would not be shared, in any way, with the UN or another nation. If Laio does not need the money... why tax it and create unrest among the peasants?

Our dominant religion believes that this would be a better world... if everyone toked. It might take the corn-cob out of a lot of people's anus.
14-03-2004, 23:57
Why stop there? Money is obviously at stake, we should keep going full throttle!

I say we need to legalize crack as well. Think of all of the money that will bring in once we tax it as well. We can also get rid of about 30% of the prison population at the same time. Also the black community will slowly decrease due to violence, crime and overdoses. Since blacks make up a huge disproportionate segment of the prison population, this would be a huge savings as well. Also property values should increase in predominately black communities as they die off. YEAH!

This is one of the best proposals I have ever heard! I say make all drugs and mind altering substances legal! Why can't we even offer it in stores? Whoaaa....super cool! Sure a few kids will get the local bum to go in and score them a few lids of acid or a bong so they can take a few hits before school. What's the big deal, they get a drink or a smoke already, it isn't much difference. If we want to look at it seriously, we already have killed 30 million unborn fetuses with abortion, this is far less significant than that.

I say we all smoke a join together and think about it. :roll:
15-03-2004, 00:12
I say we all smoke a joint (it was bugging me :D) together and think about it.

Here man... it's your's. Talk... talk about what? Oh, taxing weed... naw, a bad idea. Anybody else got the munchies?


:?: Would we have war in a world like this... :twisted:
15-03-2004, 00:18
There is an important flaw on this proposal, an unexpected effect: Being legal and taxed, marijuana would be sold at high prices on the market, which would, at first sight, decrease the number of users and raise money for the governments.

However... being marijuana´s prices higher on the legal market than those obtained through illegal drug dealers, people would rather save their money and buy the illegal marijuana. The legal marijuana industry would collapse or become barely important for a country´s economy. That would encourage the traffic, and keep the violence associated with it as high as it is right now.

We hope this proposal meets some changes in the future, in order to be efficient on breaking the violence, creating job posts, providing deserved civil rights to marijuana users, and increasing the economy. But Hazatak can´t support this proposal as it currently is.
15-03-2004, 01:31
Case study in taxation of easily smuggled goods:

UK has high tobacco taxes relative to its neighbours (in the EU), with whom it has had free trade and open borders since 1995.

Hand-rolling tobacco is compact, and the trunk of a car can carry enough to be worth several thousand pounds sterling in saved taxes. Furthermore this product appeals to those nearer the margins of mainstream society.

The UK has now lost over three-quarters of its market in hand-rolling tobacco to smuggled goods. And no sign of it coming back, despite fairly tough attempts by the UK government.

Now, dope is even more compact than tobacco, can be grown inside or out with a minimum of skill or cultivation and harvested and processed with very little (visible) industrial plant.

Don't expect to see a lot of tax from legalised dope. Maybe some at the margins from high value products (hand-made hash truffles anyone? :D ), but not much from bulk.

Other than that, we're all in favour of the resolution. Make ours a fattie! :lol:
15-03-2004, 01:33

In addition to the deserved civil rights of marijuana users, we should also consider the rights of pedophiles and slave traders.

As long as both people sign a waiver agreeing to sex, age should not be a factor. The same applies to slavery. Think of all of the worlds poor citizens, many of whome would gladly provide sexual gratification for the ealthy in order to have food, shelter and civility of culture. Imagine the trade that could ignite the global economies with marijuana users paying taxes, taxes on all drugs legalized, and the trade in slavery and pedophilia. The taxes on this could be huge for everyone of our nations!

I'm all for the issue as long as it doesn't cherry pick a project and looks at all fringe issues equally!
15-03-2004, 02:31
Wow the black community thing nice racist remarck
15-03-2004, 03:00
Nice to know that when we smoke up we're no better than paedophiles. Compelling argument. We'll take it under advisement.

Komokom? Do I hear a sound as if a slapstick reverb effect cried out once and then was forever silenced? Or was that the soft tread of an approaching mod?

In any case, this proposal is clearly a matter of national sovereignty. We'll not be backing it.
15-03-2004, 07:50
I will tell you this: when this comes up for my vote, I will vote no. Should it pass, I will not allow my nation to have legalized marijuana.
15-03-2004, 09:21
Heh heh heh, slap stick...

Huh, oh yeah, my opinon...


Personally, whats the point, if a country legalises maj. then whats the biggy, its only going to effect them. If a country does not then, eh, who cares, thats their choice, its certainly mine, but then again, I saw a guy drop dead after smoking it, but thats another story...

But actually making them tax and regulate if they do seems a little dominiring, or how ever you spell it... :wink:

Personally, I am dropping this one, need it we do not, says me.

Porr Yoda impression it was.

(Frying-pans self)


- The Rep of Komokom.