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Prevent the UN from Becoming Obsolete Today

Grand Hobgoblonia
14-03-2004, 04:53
Urge UN memberstates of good international meaning to pass a resolution that would make current resolutions priority over past resolutions.

As a non-UN member nationstate that has invested some of its energy in the politics of UN resolutions, and weighed whether to join the UN or not to join the UN, the Holy Empire of Grand Hobgoblonia wishes to bring an informal proposal to the table.

Seeing in that many nations such as Grand Hobgoblonia have opted out of the United Nations because of its simply adverse affects to nations which do not follow the party line of the ancient majorities, I propose that the UN pass a resolution that states that its past resolutions may be overruled by current resolution.

Why? Seeing the concern of some well intended UN memberstates who seek to pursue a genuinely mulitlaterally beneficial United Nations, this pursuit may never be realized while ancient resolutions stand firmly written in stone. What use is it for Grand Hobgoblonia to join the UN if it cannot affect already written legislation that clearly harms Grand Hobgoblonia's interests?

The UN has become an exclusive club for the socialist nations of the world, and only because this has been the trend from the UN's beginning. My intent in this proposal is not to usher in criticism of socialist nations, but to point out that the resolutions that have been passed previously have largely been in favor of the socialist or non-offensive centralist democratic slant, and when such resolutions are written in stone, there is no point in a nation of any other type to have any interest in joining the UN.

By allowing past resolutions to be nullified or amended by current resolutions, the UN could again be an effective organization of international harmony, giving hope to all the nationstates of the world that their say may have some influence, and not just the say of past resolutions before the dawn of their nationstates.

Please, democratic UN memberstates, be true to your ideology, and allow for the masses of today to have their say.

Non-UN memberstates, who watch these debates because of the indirect consequences of UN resolutions, or simply as a monitor of international trends, who have opted out of joining the UN for precisely the reasons I have mentioned above, I urge you to chip in your support for this informal proposal:

Urge UN memberstates of good international meaning to pass a resolution that would make current resolutions priority over past resolutions.

Prime Minister Baragh IV,
Loyal Servant to the One True Monarch
of the Holy Empire of Grand Hobgoblonia
14-03-2004, 07:52
This is a game mechanics issue, and as such won't work. There have been many other calls for appeals, but they have always failed.

As I understand it, this may be part of NS2.
14-03-2004, 08:21
* The Rep of Komokom eyes the thread warily, and after a brief going over, is seen walking over to a pile of sand bags, strapping on one of those tin helmets, and taking cover so as not to be caught in the cross-fire of people noting the proposed ideas problematics.


- The Rep of Komokom.
Grand Hobgoblonia
14-03-2004, 08:27
<< OOC: I don't understand why this would be a game mechanics issue, really, I mean, even if you have to leave an archive of all the old resolutions, why can't you just write a resolution that says now all resolutions current are more important than the past ones? .. Or am I missing something that I was unaware of with the game mechanics, like the relevency of national issues being related to UN issues? >>
14-03-2004, 08:43
Ah, well thats easy solved, see, by giving current/future proposals the kind of priority in which your implying by what I did read so far, would therefore actively allow contradiction of past resolutions, which would allow repeals, which is a sreaming great big no no if you want to retain membership, in fact there was talk of severe punishment for anyone submitting such ideas as repeallations in the proposal que, moderation staff were getting sick of it.

Anyway, suggest you telegram a mod, Enodia would probably be best, rearding anything you can't find in all the stickies and such material regarding.

- The Rep of Komokom.
Grand Hobgoblonia
14-03-2004, 09:32
<<OOC: edit: arrg! This is the second post I've lost to server lag today. anyway, my response on this one was pretty short:

doh! I knew I was probably pulling a n00b.
if that shoots my proposal out of the water, then, guess it's a career of lobbying the UN from the outside for me, then, which isn't so bad. >>