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Proposal 3769

13-03-2004, 20:42
Alright, I do not know what you have read (if you have) on the proposal that I have presented. However, I do believe that it has importance on crucial issues such as military versus diplomacy, as well as the idea of student governance. You may ask how student governance is important. Well, it is one of the ideals that promotes individual thinking (thus increasing the educational standards of your population), plus give them civil and political rights amongst themselves. Therefore, allowing the student bodies to provide a new generation of intelectuals that will be able to provide security within your own country. If they (student governance bodies) manage to run themselves, the nation would no longer have to worry so much about domestic issues, as they would be able to solve it themselves. Therefore, nations can worry about the region, and world that they live in and be able to protect themselves from outside forces.
So, please, if you can, support my proposal - and remember
Long live the University of Virginia Pep Band (if you dont know ne thing about them, telegram me and I will give you answers to any questions u may have :))
The Black New World
13-03-2004, 20:48
Do we get a copy of said proposal?

Perhaps a clear indication of the title?

It’s a nice argument but I’m not certain what you’re arguing for.

UN representative,
The Black New World
13-03-2004, 20:53
Category: International Security
Strength: Significant
Proposed by: Pep band architects

Description: Understanding that diplomatic efforts should always be the primary method in providing peace and stability,

Realizing that diplomacy will not always prevail,

Firmly believing that nations with a larger military do not have the right to take control of the UN body,

The United Nations:
1) URGES all nations to engage in diplomacy as the primary tool to resolve conflict;
2) CALLS ON the idea that student governance is an important element in providing for internal security, which in turn will allow the nation to be able to devote more time into foriegn policy;
3) REQUESTS the creation of the United Nations Conflict Resolution Council (UNCRC) to do the following:
i) Provide funds that have been directed by the IMF as a loan to nations so that they can pay wages for employees that work on creating diplomatic solutions,
ii) Allow nation delegates to meet and provide there ideas in front of a committe that will isolate the key issues and help create solutions for those nations in conflict
iii) To have the authority to declare nations as protected zones to those nations in which they have an exceptionally low percentage of military expediture to be determined by the committe which would be made of:
a) A panel of twenty regional delegates that will cycle every two years by alphabetical order,
b) A panel of former UN Security council Chairs;
4) Further requests member states to host conferences that encourages diversity within its nation;
5) Further urges member states to prosecute individuals that try to impede student governance, unless they break a law determined by the above mentioned council.

We don't have an IMF or a Security Council. And the UN cannot levy taxes.

And, um, student governance? Does that mean what we think it means?
14-03-2004, 02:53
We don't have an IMF or a Security Council.

And to create either would involve a shift in game mechanics so severe that it would likely open up an enourmous rift in the face of the Earth, incidentally right where your country used to be.

Seems to be, someone's been taking their Model UN a little to seriously for what people in this forum will understand.

Sincerely yours,
Daniel M. Hillaker
Minister of Foreign Affairs
14-03-2004, 03:26
The Rep of Komokom, is soon to be seen running around pointless proposals like this screaming Moot! Moot! Moot! till he's lost his voice...

I don't think I need to say this proposal clearly breeches, oh, what, game mechanics rules? Taxation regulations as layed out in previous proposals... plain old common sense? ...

I must admit, I have a massive urge to run up to the moderation staff and screech, "Fly my pretties, Fly!" quickly followed by, "KILL THEM ALL" with a dose of manical laughter for good measure...

- The Rep of Komokom.
14-03-2004, 17:52
I will clarify what the IMF is in this game (obviously its not the real IMF because that would destroy the world as we know it). It stands for the International Mock Fund, in which it gives fake bills with x- pres Richard Nixon saying "Im not a crook." The whole purpose of giving out loans is that, people will be scared from the image, and repay the loan even faster then with real money!
Therefore, this not being a real IMF, can be accepted by all. So get over yourselves, relax, and have fun supporting student governance. If you prefer to be controlled by an even greater authority then ur own selves (thus dictators would even have somebody greater to answer to), I have a link for ya.

"bolivia" matt "paul turner" - Now OBGYN approved, and AWARD WINNING!!!
15-03-2004, 10:12
I'm sorry, this is Nation States, what are fake bills to do with the U.N. and how does that make breaking passed international law a valid and legal act?

And who is this Richard Nixon I hear of, did I mention this was Nation States?

Also I'll be getting over-myself once the trained interpreters get over what your proposal is actually meant to do, granted, first we must find out who this Richard Nixon is...

Did I mention this was N.S. and not the real world?

- The Rep of Komokom.

Sorry, but involving Richard Nixon is nearly as bad as those who constantly quote this mysterious "U.S. Constitutuon" we keep hearing of, did I not mention this is Nation States?