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Cure for Cancer Project Proposal

12-03-2004, 03:22
Category: Environment; Affected Industries: All or None

Description: It has been observed that each year more people get cancer every year. This leads to predict that more people die from cancer each year.

Also observed is that many countries do not have their own treatment centers for cancer

We are predicting that the rate of death will keep increasing until whole populations die out.

It is therefore necessary to try to stop cancer.

The first step is to establish cancer treatment centers in every city of UN Member Nations which offer chemotherapy.

The second is to establish research centers in every major city of UN Member Nations that will try to discover a cure for cancer.

With the first step, less people will die from cancer, and those that do will take a longer time to, thereby being able to stay alive until a cure is found.

The second step allows research to be done on volunteers. At least one male and one female volunteer from each of the following groups must be taken for research: children ages 0-12, teenagers 13-17, adults 18-49, and seniors 50 and above. These must all be diagnosed with cancer.

Every two months, representatives from each research center from the UN Member Nations will meet at a predetermined place to discuss research progress and do more advanced and sophisticated work.

The research centers will provide new research findings, equipment, and inventions to cancer treatment centers.

It is our hope that cancer will one day be eradicated, and we will have one less disease plaguing the people of the world.