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Proposal for Resolution on Conflict Diamonds

Yodeling Kumquatedes
11-03-2004, 03:30
This is just a proposal I submitted, and if you like it, go approve it! Thanks.

The General Assembly,
Deeply disturbed by the deaths and wars caused by the illegal trade of conflict diamonds,
Noting with approval the steps taken towards the prevention of these conflicts with the Kimberley Process and resolution 55/56 of December 1, 2000,
Noting with deep concern the lack of further steps towards achieving peace and the end of this illegal trade and consequential conflicts,
Realizing the difficulty of taking action for this issue of the trade of conflict diamonds,
Recognizing that ceasing the trade of conflict diamonds might not end these conflicts,
1. Calls upon all states to cooperate in an effort to address the conflicts caused by these conflict diamonds;
2. Urges the United Nations to realize the increasing severity of this trade and that its actions in the past have been insubstantial for the task at hand;
3. Supports the creation of the organization Ceasing the Conflicts of Conflict Diamonds (CCCD) which will meet and specifically address the sources of these conflicts and how better to address the situation at a convention occurring within three months featuring experts of African economy and those with new technology to possibly aid in this process, and inviting countries involved in the trading of conflict diamonds and jewelling companies;
4. Trusts in the support and funding of the UN and NGOs, such as
ActionAid and Global Witness, as well as requesting up to 0.0001% of GDP as determined and seen fit by the UN;
5. Condemns those who do not follow regulation set out by the UN and will enforce punishments as needed;
6. Further proclaims that a sanction shall be imposed on the trade of conflict diamonds and that any diamond found to be in violation of this sanction will be considered contraband and treated as such;
7. Supports a system similar to the Kimberley Process to be implemented for all minerals;
8. Encourages the creation of a subcommittee of CCCD titled Monitoring the Trade of Conflict Diamonds (MTCD) specifically created to enforce all regulations set forward by the UN concerning the trade of conflict diamonds;
9. Further requests an annual conference at which complete records of all diamond trade shall be submitted and reviewed.

If you have any comments or questions feel free to post them! I might not answer them now but I'll check back later and do what I can. Thanks again.