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Establish a moon base for mining and exploration.

10-03-2004, 15:20
This proposal is to establish a moon base for exploration of the moon to help discover usefull minerals.

1. all UN nations who invest will be elligiable to receive the raw materials and trade and/or use them for their own needs. (all nations will get equal amounts of material)

2. the top 5 UN nations that contribute the most money will be stationed on the moon and hold the contract for exploration and mining. the top 3 donators will hold the mining contract, the remaining 2 will explore.

3. the nations who operate on moon, however, can not manufacture or harbor WMD's on the moon. if found to be doing so, the nation's contract will be revoked and no funds will be returned.

4. after the moon is used of its mineral, the base will used as a colony to help scientific exploration and help in succceding the later missions in the universe.

if you have anymore ideas, post them and i will look over them. thank you.

-------------ambasador face------------
empire of bracia
10-03-2004, 16:22
This proposal is redundant... recommend that the originator do some research.

Doktor Otto Longknife
Director of Operations
Laioian Space Agency
10-03-2004, 16:38
Whatever bracia supports, we oppose.

This so greatly facilitates decision making.
10-03-2004, 18:04
Laio would gladly support any proposal that is original and humorous. The NS world could use a policy of "more fun" and less passion for solving the real world's problems. I wager that a poll would reveal that a majority of players are seeking to escape the real world... not be bombarded with it in a game.

Grand Duke Hendrik Ernesto von Wollonzollern y Bourbon
10-03-2004, 18:25
I like the idea personally. I mean, once we have raped the world of its natural recourses, the next logical step is to go to the moon and defile it as well! And after we have finished that, we can use it as a stepping stone to the next celestial body with resources that the human race doesn't really need.

Going to the moon may be a part of NationStates future, but i disagree that it should be used for its resources and that only the moniarily rich nations should be able to go. That would benefit the few, at the expense of the many. Not exactly a good idea. to quote Collaboration:

Whatever bracia supports, we oppose.

This so greatly facilitates decision making.

Who is to say that the NationsStates world even has a moon?...
Colony States
10-03-2004, 18:42
This project will be one of the first projects considered by the United Nations Space Consortium. The national representatives for the UNSC Board of Directors are being selected right now. Action towards a lunar base will begin after the formalization of the Board on Monday, March 15th. The Republic of Colony States strongly favors the colonization of the Moon and will be an advocate for such if elected to the UNSC Board of Directors. If your nation favors this project, please cast your vote for the Republic of Colony States on this thread:
10-03-2004, 18:53
The Moon's current residents will be hopping pissed:

Don't make me come over there.
10-03-2004, 19:18
sorry --- double post --- not getting the delete option

A space rocket, shaped like a Pepsi bottle is sitting on its launch pad. Corporate logos cover the exterior of the rocket.
10-03-2004, 19:18
GDL-TV plans on providing direct-feed of the upcoming "feces-storm" over the moon... to its viewers on a pay-channel. This will be 24/7, live coverage... betting on the body-count has been declared legal and mandatory by Grand Duke Hendrik.

It is bound to do as will as another "George Foremen returns to the ring" special... :P .

Laio is especially interested in this topic... as we are about to launch our first space-rocket. It was sponsored by Pepsi :wink: .

Percy de Obregon
3rd Chief Flunky
Laioian Trade Delegation